How To Survive Meredith: A Packing List

By Ellen Seah
10th Dec 2015

Whether it rains, hails or shines – it’s time again for the Meredith Music Festival. One of Melbourne’s favourite outdoor music festivals is running from the 11-13 December, and if you were lucky enough to snag yourself some highly sought after tickets (don’t flash them in the streets ‘cause people can - and will - use nails), there are some things you should really, really know.

Infamous for its commercial-free site and farmland, a natural amphitheatre houses Melbourne’s annual Meredith Music Festival. Because there are no strict curfews or designated sites, and tickets are decided by ballot, you can see why a pass to Meredith Music Festival is pretty much a Wonka’s golden ticket for Melburnians.

So for those lucky enough to be attending, here are 18 things you should absolutely not forget to pack for Meredith Music Festival - and three you should.

1. All of the socks. Empty that drawer and bring it along, because you will definitely need about fifteen spares. What’s that saying – the more the merrier?

2. A really really super duper waterproof coat. Because if it rains and you left it at home - you’re done.

3. Gumboots. See reason #2.

4. Spare boots. In case your gumboots get bogged.

5. In fact you'd better just bring all your waterproof clothes.

6. A water bottle, as you may need something to wash down all that 'non-alcoholic liquid' you'll be consuming…cough.

7. Sunscreen. On the other end of the spectrum, if Melbourne’s raging summer is in full blast and you venture out without some trusty SPF, you’ll probably spend most of the festival looking like an old, flaky snake in need of some new skin.

8. Sunnies. Teary, dry inflamed eyes in front of your favourite singer of all time? Not hot.

9. Your phone. For serious emergencies, aka when you inevitably lose your friends in the crowd and curl up into a tiny, only-slightly-tipsy Meredith-induced ball of panic. And ootds.

10. Insect repellent. To prevent blowing up like an oversized puffy red bauble that came to Christmas early, it’s best to prevent insect bites and nibbles.   

11. Your wristband. Yeah they definitely won’t let you in without it. And if your designated driver (slash failure of a friend) doesn’t want to drive you back, you’ll have to take a pricey Uber or walk 22 hours back to Melbourne to fetch it. Good news though, you’ll make it back for the final day if you don’t take rest stops.  

12. Your ID. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

13. A working tent. Yes, shelter and rest is required despite what your 3am slightly-less-than-sober self might assert.

14. Something to mark the tent. Hundreds of people come to this event, so unless your tent is a ten-man, bright pink, My Little Pony decorated kind of set up, you’d better mark it with something visible.

15. A warm sleeping bag. C’mon Listers, you know Melbourne. Thirty degrees in the arvo and nek minnit sub zero temperatures with a side of hail. Bring a warm sleeping bag - worse case scenario is you don’t use it.

16. Warm jumper. Ditto.

17. A torch. Ever tried locating a tiny portable cubicle in pitch-black darkness surrounded by hundreds of other sleeping humans with your tent (literally) nowhere in visible sight? Unless you’re keen to meet Slender Man, or an axe murderer, bring a torch.

18. Spare batteries, a charger, or spare phone battery. One or more is preferred.

19. DO NOT bring a fire, fire-related things, or things that could start a fire. 

20. DO NOT bring glass. Otherwise say bye-bye to your favourite bottle of gin.

21. DO NOT bring a crappy attitude. As the Meredith saying goes – don’t be a dickhead.

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Image credit: Refinery29

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