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There’s A Melbourne Crew Delivering Custom-Built Antipasto Spreads

By Gen Phelan
15th Feb 2018


The humble cheese platter is teetering on extinction, and it’s all down to the team behind I Am Board Melbourne.

Meticulously arranging hefty smorgasbords is now pretty much an artform (and you’ll probably be able to get a Uni degree in it soon). But for those of us who struggle with spatial relations and can’t assemble a plate of charcuterie without eating the whole thing, we have good news: there’s now a way to outsource the sh*t out of the process.

The crew at IAB are here to essentially hand you your platters on a platter. Think minimal exertion, maximum feed. Last minute grocery shops (in which you forget approximately 3765 vital snacks) no more. 

The deal? Name your surface area, and it will be covered in more fromages than a Parisian could dare dream of, scaled to Eiffel Tower heights. IAB can then calculate a quote for you based on the dimensions that you want to be swathed in salami. They literally measure your cubic volume of salami, guys. Your dinner table is about to look like this: 


The sky’s the limit, so we’re already envisaging charcuterie boards at slip n’ slide lengths. You can even have your antipastos delivered in dinky packages to your all-time favourite humans. Pimp it out with confetti, balloons, love letters - oh my! Roses are so 00s.

You’ve just gotta see this to brie-lieve it.

For more info (and platter porn), click here.

Image credit: I Am Board 

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