There’s An Indoor Plant And Cactus Sale Ice Cream Party This Weekend

By Ben Tyers
9th Nov 2017


We’ve heard that you guys like indoor plants, and you especially like indoor plant sales happening around Melbourne. Well, our friends at The Jungle Collective are at it again with another massive indoor plant warehouse sale.

The sale will have over 40 different species of plants for you to stock up on including Fiddle Leaf Gifs, Bird Of Paradise, Pileas, Mother In Laws Tongue, hanging plants, and much, much more. This time around they’ll also have a selection of succulents and cactuses just to keep you on trend.

They’ll be blaring out Mexican and desert tunes, a vintage ice cream truck will be set up shop out the front to keep you cool (they’ll have a dairy-free option), and if you wear a sombrero to the event you’ll get $5 off your purchase. What a deal.

The Details

What: Indoor Plant Sale & Cactus Ice Cream Party
When: Saturday 11 November, 10am – 4pm
Where: The Jungle Collective, 19 Studley Street, Abbotsford
For more info, head here.

If you’re worried about killing your new found plants, never fear, here is our guide to indoor plants for serial plant killers.

Image credit: The Jungle Collective

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