Next-Level Food And Coffee Pairing? It Can Only Be One Melbourne Café…

By Clare Acheson
18th Dec 2015

When it comes to our weekly brunch indulgence, there’s one café that keeps cropping up on our must-eat lists, time and time again. If it’s not coffee caviar that we’re chowing down on, it’s truffle foam that we’d happily devour with a spoon -  Industry Beans continually surprises us with their creativity. And the famous Fitzroy eatery’s latest dish, Summer on a Plate, has yet again set our tastebuds tingling.

We’ve seen wine pairing, we’ve seen whisky pairing, and we’ve even seen doughnut and beer pairing. But brunch and coffee pairing that moves with the seasons? That’s an idea we can definitely get on board with!

Designed specifically to match Industry Beans’ Summer coffee blend, Summer on a Plate a complex mix of all of our favourite seasonal ingredients, designed to highlight the different flavours of the coffee you’ll be sipping. Delicate layers of chocolate base and cherry jelly are topped with young coconut, tart raspberry coulis, fresh apricot mousse and – as with any cutting-edge brunch that’s worth eating – a mind-boggling foam. This time, it’s espresso ice-cream that’s been transformed into a light-as-air topping. 

Available until the end of summer, the amazing creation is designed to match the unique Summer seasonal roast that brings together East African beans sourced from Burundi and Papua New Guinea.

Coffee addicts, this is NOT one that you want to miss out on… Seriously guys, what do I have to do to get a tub of this stuff delivered to my house!?

Luckily for brunch-aholics, Industry Beans has added another new dish to it’s summer menu as well. If you love anything truffled, you’ll also want to check out the truffled egg, which comes served on pea pannacotta alongside summer vegetables, porcini powder, zucchini flowers, and a cornbread crumb. Think fresh summer flavours with a hint of luxurious truffle, plated up in the most Insta-worthy way possible.

As you would expect from a Fitzroy café that roasts its own coffee, many of the other plates make for perfect pairings with their signature blends, single origin beans, and decaf options.

If you’re yet to try the green papaya and peanut crusted egg, the coconut crusted brioche, or the lemongrass beef with pickled chillies, Nahm Thai jam and Vietnamese mint, head in with a group of mates and order one of each – we can guarantee you’ll be fighting over the last forkfuls!

For the caffeine obsessed looking for the full Industry Beans experience, speak to one of the super-knowledgeable staff and they’ll happily help you select a bean that complements your food choices.

Lock in your next breakfast date at Industry Beans, and get ready to start your day with a refreshing reminder of just how damn well this city does food. Because when in Melbourne, brunch should NEVER be boring. 

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Image credit: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List / Industry Beans

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