This Café Is Serving The Most Insta Worthy Dessert In Melbourne

By Sophie Colvin
8th Jun 2017

We reckon this thing is up there with the most insta-worthy desserts in Melbourne. And chances are good you’ve never even heard of it.  

Introducing the Raindrop Cake.

Now this thing isn’t OTT with colours or layers or creams, as you might’ve come to expect from all the desserts filling your instagram feed. The raindrop cake holds a more subtle beauty. It’s all about the intrigue. How does it work? Do raindrops get that big? And is it just a jellyfish from St Kilda beach? Few desserts raise so many questions.

Turns out the hint is in the name—the raindrop cake looks like a gloriously over sized raindrop. Unlike regular Melbourne raindrops, this one is made with water, agave and delicious, finger-lickin’ flavours (and doesn’t leave dirt smudges on your car that you literally just washed two days ago).

The masters of the raindrop cake in Melbourne are, hands down, Café Lafayette. With three regular flavour options on offer, we recommend that you save yourself the hassle of choosing and order one of each—they’ve got just about zero calories, so there’s really no reason not to.

The Tokyo Express is the sweetest and possibly the most traditional. Flavoured with simple brown sugar and served with stone-ground soy bean, it’s perfect for a guilt-free sweet hit.

The Angel Kiss is our favourite—made with a delicate rose syrup and garnished with a berry and almond crush, it’s refreshing and beautiful.

Lastly, matcha fans can rejoice—the Matcha Lover has been injected with Japanese green tea powder and comes served alongside roasted pistachios.

Our tip? Head into Café Lafayette for the ultimate any-time dessert, and make up that calorie deficit with one of their famed freak-shakes. 

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Image credit: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List 

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