Introducing…. Bike Cabs!

By Emily Hutchinson
16th Sep 2014

For all of you well versed in the art of complaining about the incomprehensibility that is Myki, prepare yourself for some sweet relief. Introducing Bike Cabs, an initiative launched by Tim Collins, a high profile industrial designer, and Stephen Mushin, a prominent Melbourne artist exploring ecologically sustainable futures, to offer Melburnians a quicker, cleaner and greener alternative to cabs and public transport.   

Anyone familiar with the rush hour commute through the CBD, or with the near impossibility of finding a cab that will accept a short fare, will be throwing their hands into the air with cries of 'halleluiah' at such a prospect. But where can you hail a Bike Cab, you ask? Well, with the enterprise being in its infancy, Bike Cabs are currently only available for hire for short trips and tours around central Melbourne. However, with the help of crowd funding platform Pozible, the boys are hoping to grow their fleet from two to four bikes, gain a permit to operate a taxi service, and put an end to inner-city congestion.

Plus – and perhaps most importantly – Bike Cabs will be doing their bit for the environment. As Stephen points out, 'if two bike cabs can save 1.25 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, four will set aside 2.3 tonnes of CO2 – that's the same as planting about 2000 trees per year!' The bikes are also equipped with small lithium battery-powered motors to help tackle hills, which are recharged using green energy sources.

So, not only will Bike Cabs allow you to actually get to where you're going on time, but you can save the planet while you cruise the city streets in style. Plus, at a cost on par with cab and public transport charges (with a flag fall of $5 and a distance rate of $2.50 per km), you're not paying for a novelty, but for a fun, legitimate transport alternative. Can't argue with that.

Visit the Bike Cabs website or pledge your support on crowd funding community Pozible.

Image Credit: Bike Cabs Facebook

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