On Demand Succulent Delivery Is Now Available In Melbourne

By Ben Tyers - 10 Nov 2017


You can get almost anything delivered in Melbourne these days, food, booze, gifts, it’s all possible. But now, there’s a new option that has set up shop in town.

Little Succers has been in Sydney for a while now, but they’re finally in Melbourne, and if sending flowers isn’t your thing, perhaps sending a succulent to someone who deserves it is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Products include ‘Little Succers’, which as you can imagine are little succulents that come in their own little pot, ‘Little Pricks’ of the cactus variety, and even succulent Christmas wreaths that go by the names of ‘Succ A Lil’ and ‘Succ A Lot’.


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So the next time you’re looking for the right gift, forget flowers that will die, forget chocolate that will melt, give a gift that’ll probably outlive us all.

Find out more about Little Succers here.

Image credit: Little Succers

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