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Why You’re Seeing 50 Cent Murals Popping Up All Over Melbourne Right Now

By Ben Tyers
4th May 2020

A mural of 50 Cent by Melbourne muralist Lushsux. 50 Cent is depicted in the mural as Post Malone.

2020 sure has been a strange year. But it's getting a whole lot weirder right now.

Melbourne muralist Lushsux is well-known for his controversial murals of public figures posted on blank walls all over Melbourne's suburbs.

Lushsux officially declared last week '50 Week', painting murals of rapper 50 Cent combined with other celebrities such as Donald Trump, Taylor Swift among others. And 50 got wind of it.

"who the fuck keep painting these murals of me all over the place. this is fucked up man. That’s 3 now 69, Trump, & post malone." said 50 Cent in an Instagram post.


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To which Lushsux replied on Instagram "50 Week has only just begun."

Following this, a mural was painted of 50 Cent as Chinese communist revolutionary, Chairman Mao. Which seemed to be met with positivity from the rapper. "Damn he made that shit look like it was easy, I want to meet this guy."

More murals followed. A mural of Fiddy wearing a NY Yankees hat with no brim. And then came the masterpiece of '50 Week'. Swifty Cent.


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“Swifty cent I’d like to hit this MF right in the back of his head while he doing this shit,” said Cent.

It didn't end there, no. Lushsux has since painted murals of 50 Cent with "no brim, no teeth", and as a mash of the rapper and Mike Pence—50 Pence.

"wait how does this even happen, what is this guys problem with me. fucking lunatic, i need a drink", replied 50 Cent.

Check out all of the murals, and many more, on Lushsux' Instagram.

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Image credit: Lushsux

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