Stock Up, Melbourne Just Got Its First Specialty Coffee Vending Machine Thanks To Market Lane

By Rick Stephens
23rd Aug 2020

A vending machine stocked with coffee out the front of a big glass building.

This one’s for the member of the household who forgets to re-up the loo paper, who blanks on grabbing detergent, and who forgets to restock the coffee. Market Lane has just installed a coffee vending machine at their Brunswick East locale so that you can grab a bag of beans whenever you like—as long as you live within 5km of and it’s between 5am and 8pm, of course. 

Market Lane’s coffee bean vending machine is the first of its kind in Melbourne, and it’s stocked with the essentials like espresso and filter coffee which is roasted on-site. You can also nab your filter paper should you require some. 

If the coffee-snob within has been conjured wondering about temperature and storage within the rectangular coffee-keeper, you can rest easy knowing the beans are refrigerated at 12, the glass is also UV tinted which will avoid any sun damage.

Market Lane’s coffee vending machine comes as a response to Melbourne’s lockdown and restrictions, making it easier for customers to secure their coffee through a contactless method. Given it’s popularity and convenience, however, it’s surely just a matter of time until more pop up across the city. 

You can find Market Lane’s vending machine at 126 Weston Street, Brunswick East.

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Image credit: Market Lane   

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