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The Tan Commandments | Top Tips From Melbourne’s Spray Tan Queen

By Iro Kotsimbos
22nd Aug 2014

We have a confession to make – we are completely and utterly addicted to our spray tans at The Urban List. There's nothing like glowing, tanned skin to make you instantly look and feel better, so when we have an event to attend, bikini season to get ready for, or just need a bit of extra colour, we book ourselves in for a quick spray tan.

The road to golden skinned glory is paved in potential disaster, though – it's not as easy as just showing up, getting sprayed and then continuing on your merry way! 

Anastasia Soulios, director of Maxitan and the woman responsible for one of the best spray tans in Melbourne, agrees. "If you're after a picture perfect spray tan then there's a few tips and tricks – or The Tan Commandments as I like to call them – that you should be following." (Editor's note: We're listening…)

Based in Prahran, Maxitan has a cult following thanks to their natural looking, flawlessly finished spray tans. (Hot tip: Anastasia also does an excellent brow wax!). There's a variety of shades available from the industry's leading brands – think St Tropez, Techno Tan, Moroccan Tan, and the certified organic Eco Tan – which can be customised to suit your individual skin tone. The result? One of Melbourne's best spray tans, no matter how milky pale your skin. 

Keen to know more about obtaining and maintaining one of Melbourne's best spray tans? Read on, dear Urban Listers, for Maxitan's Tan Commandments…

Thou shalt wax or shave the day before

It goes without saying that defuzzing before a spray tan is a good idea…just make sure that any waxing or shaving is just the day before, not the day of. Why? If your skin tends to become irritated, the extra 24 hours give it a chance to calm down. The skin is also more porous after waxing or shaving, and the last thing you want is the tan to settle in the pores.

Thou shalt prepare the skin accordingly

Exfoliation is key! Using a scrub, loofah or mitt, make sure that you exfoliate your body thoroughly to remove any dead skin cells and traces of old fake tan. Scaly, patchy skin + a fresh spray tan = a recipe for disaster. Moisturising also helps…just avoid applying lotion or cream directly beforehand as the oils can lead to the spray tan not adhering to the skin properly.

Thou shalt ditch perfume and deodorant on the day

We're not advocating going deodorant free for good, however steer clear of the product (the same goes for perfume) on the day as it can react with the spray tan. Do you really want underarm patches and marks on your neck? Do you?!

Thou shalt trust the spray tanner's judgement

Experts are called experts for a reason – they know what they're doing! So although you might think the Extra Dark will look extra good, that might not be the case. If your spray tanner suggests a different shade, know that she's doing so because it'll achieve a better result!

Thou shalt wear loose clothing afterwards

This one is (or should be!) self-explanatory. You've just been blessed with one of Melbourne's best spray tans, so for the love of all things glowing and tanned, PLEASE do not slip straight into tight clothing! It's only going to leave marks on your clothes and possible strap marks in your perfect tan! Light, loose, and preferably dark in colour is best. The same goes for slumber time too!

Thou shalt shower gently

Hot, steaming water after a spray tan? That's a no-no. I mean, if you want to irritate and dry out your skin (meaning your spray tan will fade quicker), then go for it. Otherwise, stick to cool water, ensuring you pat dry the skin afterwards.

Thou shalt moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Hydrated skin holds on to colour better, so make body lotion your friend! Daily moisturising is vital in the days after a spray tan, ensuring your colour lasts a heck of a lot longer. Drinking lots and lots of water helps, too!

Thou shalt stay on top of maintenance

In addition to moisturiser, tan extenders and gradual tanners are great products to use if you want to extend the life of your tan. How do they work? Tan extenders and gradual tanners both contain a small amount of DHA (the key ingredient in fake tan), acting as a great 'top up' for your tan. The result? Richer and longer lasting colour.

Thou shalt remember the SPF

For some unknown reason, there's a small percentage of people who think that a spray tan will somehow protect them from the sun, and they can therefore skip sunscreen. Don't be fooled! You still need to apply an SPF daily, even when you've had a spray tan. While we love the tanned look, no-one wants to look like a leather bag when they're older. 

Thou shalt rethink thy makeup

Go easy on the makeup after you've had a spray tan; you'll find that you don't need as much. Make sure you adjust the colour of your base as well. Using a foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturiser that's too light will just defeat the purpose of having a spray tan – you'll end up looking ghostly and white.

So there you have it. The top ten rules of spray tanning from Melbourne's best spray tanning pro. Now go forth and glow. 

Image Credit: Zimmermann

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