Meat Doughnuts Are A Thing: Here’s Where To Get Them

By Pip Jarvis
7th Sep 2015

No longer the domain of the sweet tooth, Melbourne doughnuts have had a savoury do(ugh)-over—think stuffed with brisket or pulled pork, pumped with gruyere, and glazed with bacon bits. Here’s where to get your mitts on the new wave of savoury doughnuts in Melbourne, for better or wurst.  


Various and opening soon Melbourne CBD

While they do the sweet stuff well, it’s the maple bacon ring from Doughboys that tickles this little piggie. With maple icing and real bacon crumbs, it’s a sweet meets savoury revelation. Supplying cafes all over town, they’re gearing up for a new stand-alone store, slated to open in the CBD in the next two months. Get excited, Listers!

Hell of the North


Fitzroy bistro Hell of the North has us hella excited with their meaty doughnut offering. Topping our list of Melbourne’s best food hybrids, they’re dishing up a doughie stuffed with pulled pork and gruyere. Literally can’t even.

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts

Melbourne CBD

The Australian honey & sea salt cruller currently on offer at Shortstop is a slightly savoury twist on the saccharine snack time fave. Made from choux pastry and hand piped with a honey glaze, fine sea salt flakes add crunch to your munch.

Stay tuned for September, when they’ll release a whiskey maple bacon raised doughnut, just in time for Father’s Day! Drool.



Hot new Preston restaurant Dexter is a must-try for Melbourne meat heads, with pig’s head buns and caramel short rib just scratching the surface of their carnivorous offering. But it’s the hot meat doughnuts everybody’s talking about. Stuffed with burnt brisket ends, these heart-stoppers are then deep fried and dusted with paprika and sugar for a sweet and spicy savoury sensation.   



The Barry babes are opening new Armadale cafe Mammoth this month, and they let me in on a tasty little secret. In what might be the best news we’ve heard all year, they’ll be serving up a DOUGHNUT BURGER. Yup, that’d be delicate South Australian rock lobster on a salt and pepper doughnut. Dough my goodness!

Ike’s Rack Shack at The Beaufort


Ike’s have taken that American classic, cornbread, and refashioned it into a doughnut at The Beaufort. We’re not complaining. Order a side of their cornbread doughnut with maple & bacon glaze to accompany some of Melbourne’s best ribs. If you’ve got a serious hunger on you, Ike’s triple back rack stack—pork, beef and lamb ribs, served back to back—will sort the boys from the men.   

Want something sweet instead? Check out Melbourne's best gourmet doughnuts.

Image credit: Doughboys Doughnuts via Instagram

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