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Where To Get Melbourne’s Best Baklava

By Steff Tan
28th Oct 2014


You're never too far away from a decent baklava in Melbourne. That perfect combo of sticky and sweet...those layers of filo pastry, mixed nuts and sweet syrup *drool*. Our mission? To track down some of the best. 

While we certainly appreciate the beauty of baklava in its purest, elemental form, we've also kept our eyes out for bakers who think outside the baklava box. We're talking baklava ice cream, peanut butter baklava, and French toast baklava. Are you salivating yet? Here's where you can some of the best baklava in Melbourne town.

Abla's Patisserie


Abla's handmade pastries are filled with premium cashews, hazelnuts and pistachios, and it's obvious they're using the best ingredients. The baklava is soaked in rosewater and orange blossom syrup, and the end result is fragrant and delicious. You don't have to take our word for it—bakers Jacques Abd El Nour and Hazim Hazim took out first and second place in the Baklava Bake-Off held in Melbourne last year. 


South Yarra 

Murat Ovaz has brought his unique Middle Eastern style to South Yarra, and the early signs are damn delicious. If you haven't tried Yagiz yet, it's worth it for the baklava alone. Perfect flaky pastry, drizzled with syrup and topped with a silky quenelle of chestnut ice-cream. It's the most popular dessert on the menu for a reason. 


Melbourne CBD

Contemporary Armenian restaurant, Sezar, certainly supplies the goods when it comes to this style of cuisine, and with National Baklava Day on the mind, we want you to know (ore remember) their ‘New Style Baklava’. It’s the combo of crispy filo, walnut toffee ice cream and salted caramel. It might be a lil’ different to the classic but it’ll still cause a raucous in the house. #confectionperfection

Fresh Prince Of Baklava

Port Melbourne

Hands down, if you’re looking for something a little weird and wonderful you have to check out Fresh Prince of Baklava. Why? Because they whip up homemade, traditional baklava with Monte Carlo biscuits, Oreos, Tim Tams, Cherry Ripes, Mint slice, and Nutella. *Heaven is a place on earth places in background* A combo of Middle Eastern Flavours and Western indulgences, you can expect the very best of the fluffiest, crispiest, and golden-est pastry in a hella rad confectionary combo.

Niko's Oakleigh Quality Cakes 


You can bet award-winning Niko’s Oakleigh Quality Cakes deliver the goods with a massive range of customised cakes for every occasion…including your fave—the baklava. Found under Niko’s Specialty Cakes, you can expect all that crispy sweet goodness with a touch of finesse. A local favourite, you gotta drop by this one at least once hundred times…it is in Oakleigh after all.

A1 Lebanese Bakery 

Brunswick and Dandenong

These guys have been delivering the goods (and some of Melbourne's best baklava) since 1992, so we feel we're in extremely safe hands every time we drop by A1. Their baklava is an excellent balance of filo and sweet syrup, and as far as we're concerned, a never fail. The bakery also sells a large variety of bread, pita, pies, Lebanese pizza and Middle Eastern groceries, if you're in the mood to continue the whole Lebanese banquet theme. 

Balha's Pastry


If it's Middle Eastern sweet treats you're after, your destination should be Balha's Pastry. Everything is made fresh daily in-house at this family-run establishment, and their diamond-shaped baklawa (the traditional spelling) is PACKED full of cashews. Balha's has a huge range of traditional pastries, biscuits, continental desserts and fruity ice cream, which is often very distracting when you're coming in on a baklawa mission. 


Melbourne CBD

For something a little less traditional, but no less delectable, try the peanut butter baklava at Maha. Shane Delia's creation includes a peanut butter parfait, chocolate sorbet, baklava crumbs made with pistachio, almonds and walnuts, as well as salted caramel to tie it all together. This dessert pays homage to the humble baklava, while giving it a flavour-infused reinvention. 

Vanilla Cake Lounge 


Whipping up some fancy cakes, pastries, mousse, tarts, and of course baklava (normal, mini, and largeee), Vanilla Lounge is the place to hit for all your pastry needs. But wait, this isn’t just your ol’ pastry shop. Vanilla Lounge is also a dining hall for the very best of both worlds. Staying classic, Vanilla serves up a mean baklava packed full with a walnut and almond mix and the good stuff—Greek syrup.

Demetri's Feast


Richmond stalwart Demitri's Feast may not be running their baklava French Toast for brunch anymore, but they're still dishing up authentic baklava after dark as part of their new ouzo bar and mezze revamp. Here's how you do it. Wait for a perfect summer afternoon, grab one of the tables in the rear courtyard, and order up a serve of baklava with some strong Greek coffee and a hit of ouzo. Opa!

Hellenic Republic 

Brunswick East and Kew

Okay prepare yourself because you are about to drool when you see, let alone imagine, Hellenic Republic’s Bombe Baklava. That’s sweet meringue on the outside, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, and the baklava on the inside. We are emotional. On the menu at Kew’s Hellenic Republic, this is a definite must when you drop by. But don’t worry; the Brunswick East store has the iconic Baklava Sokolatas me Siropi Samou—chocolate baklava with Samos syrup.

Gelato Messina


While this one is not always available, we still felt we had to include Messina's baklava ice-cream on the list. Rosewater gelato smashed with house-made baklava is simply perfection, especially when your sweet tooth just won't quit on a hot day. Go pester your local Messina until they put it back on the menu. 

Cuppa Turca 


They’re known for their super stretchy, chewy, and unmeltable ice-cream but Cuppa Turca also offers homemade baklava. Sprinkled over with pistachios, Cuppa Turca’s baklava has a bit of a different crunch to it, but the greatness is all the same to us. Unmeltable ice-cream or homemade baklava? Duh—both. 



Organic peanut butter vegan baklava. Do we even need to elaborate? You can get this bad boy in-store or delivered straight to your gob via Foodora and UberEATS. Salona puts on a cracking Greek feast, but make sure you save room for dessert. 

Mum's Baklava 


One of the best baklava we've ever put in our mouths. Hands down. Mum's Baklava are a family-run business, run by brother and sister Michelle and Eddie, and their mum, Helen. You'll find them at various markets around town (the Bakers United Market in Yarraville is always a good bet). Follow their FB page for the latest locations. 

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Main image credit: Mum's Baklava 

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