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8 Of Melbourne’s Best Cheese Toasties

By Ellen Seah
27th Aug 2018


Humanity pretty much peaked when someone decided to stick cheese between two pieces of white bread and grill that baby up. Food historians (where can I get this job?) date cooked bread and cheese back to ancient times. I researched this on wiki, so it must be legit.

Next time (probably tomorrow) you’re on the hunt for the ooziest, gooiest, cheesiest cheese toasties in Melbourne, hit up one of these. Our picks of the best cheese toasties in Melbourne.

Fondue Grilled Cheese | Maker and Monger


Prahran Market’s iconic cheese cart will soon become a bricks-and-mortar store. While grilled cheese and raclette bar snacks will still be on the menu at Maker & Monger’s cheese shop, now is your last chance to see the chariot of cheese before she’s (semi) retired. Our pick? Order the Fondue. It's inspired by French-style fondue, with Heidi Gruyere & Bulla Creme Fraiche sandwiched between lightly browned sourdough. The Pimento ain't a bad option either. 

Mac ‘n Cheese Toastie | TOASTA & Co

West Melbourne

Don’t look at Toasta & Co’s Instagram unless you’re planning to eat. A lot. The definition of cheese toastie porn (it’s a thing), we’re guilty of having the same order for the last two years—and we’re not proud of it. 'The Mack' is a towering toastie, stuffed with the team’s secret cheese blend, mac ‘n’ cheese and caramelised onion, smooshed between buttery Zeally Bay Organic Sourdough. BRB, venturing west.

Classic | Bad Frankie


Don’t mess with the Classic at Bad Frankie. Vintage cheddar and mozzarella crammed between white bread and toasted to jaffle-y perfection (a jaffle is just a sealed toastie, right guys?), it’s served with a side of vegemite or tomato chutney. We recommend vegemite for the fanciest cheese and vegemite jaffle ever.

Vegemite and Cheese | Coe & Coe

Cremorne, Footscray, Port Melbourne

Every Coe & Coe venue has fresh, specially-baked rye panini bread delivered daily (they're the only ones that get this recipe). We’d happy bundle up a few slices and eat them with nothing but butter all day—but Coe & Coe can do one better. While it’s not on the menu, you can request a cheese and vegemite panini. They nail the ratio every time, so you can thank us for the intel later.

The Lazenby | George’s Bar


George’s do Saturdays better. Despite the Seinfeld theme (references are pretty light-on), George’s Bar is a charmingly plain venue, unlike a lot of Fitzroy grunge. Along with whiskey flights, there’s a range of speciality cocktails and boutique beer labels that pair perfectly with their Lazenby toastie—double cheese and BBQ Tabasco.

Truffle Croque Madame | Au79


It’s very difficult to dislike Au79. It's just so pretty. The enormous space features exposed industrial beaming stretching across the loft-style ceiling. There’s carefully selected, minimalist Scandi-style furnishings, with the occasional Melbourne flourish, like a bright pink share table. There’s also enough greenery to warrant a personal gardener. Order the Truffle Croque Madame here: grilled with truffle bechamel, cheese, dijon mustard, fried egg and a fresh herb salad.

BDL Cheese Toasty | Beneath Driver Lane


Beneath Driver Lane is all about two things: blues music and bloody good whisky. You know what goes well with both? A triple cheese 'BDL Toasty' from the brain of head chef Danielle Rensonnet. It's a secret three-cheese blend, topped with a housemade whisky bechamel sauce (!!) sandwiched between two golden-fried slices of sourdough. Whack on some pickles and hot sauce to taste and you've got one hell of a drinking buddy. 

Aphro & Wolf

Fitzroy North

Aphro & Wolf aren’t dishing out anything ground-breaking in their cosy Fitzroy North café—and thank god for that. Generously-sized (read: huuuuge) toasties and impeccable coffee by Padre are rounded out with a small selection of salads, chips and sweet things. Order the Three Cheese Sandwich with cheddar, halloumi, buffalo mozzarella, fresh herbs and house relish.

Image credit: Toasta

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