10 Reasons Melbourne is the Best City in the World

By Pip Jarvis
19th Aug 2015

We don't like to gloat but WE DA BEST. We've topped the pops as the world's most liveable city for the fifth year running, and not just cos we bribed the Russians with zonuts. We don't like to gloat (kidding, we love it!) but we'll be lording it over our Sydney sisters, Brisbane brothers and Perthworm colleagues for a few weeks at least. In no particular order, here are 10 reasons Melbourne is the best city in the world.

1. The Weather. Yes, for reals. We are in the unique position of having actual seasons and relatively mild winters. Compared to say, the Ukraine.

2. The Fashion. Said diversity of weather allows us to dip into every fashion trend, from denim cutoffs to cashmere coats. Plus, we would NEVER wear a singlet, jeans, thongs and scarf. Not mentioning any names.

3. We get a day off work to gamble. Cuh-rayzee.

4. Big city vibe, country town smiles. We have everything a London or NYC offers, minus the hectic pace and epic stress levels. Melbourne peeps are warm and friendly, but not in a creepy Canadian way.

5. We are ridiculously, ridiculously good looking.

6. We got the sports. Aussie Open Tennis, AFL, Grand Prix, the race the stops the nation... Plus, AAMI Park is really pretty when the lights go from purple to pink! (Guess who got picked last at sports day.)

7. The Food. Seriously, have you even read The Urban List? We've got more pho joints than Hanoi, the world's best pizza, epic WTF eats including pizza in a cone and black-bunned burgers, and some seriously innovative cuisine going on.

8. Melbourne's like a ginormous game of hide and seek. We love to hide our coolest drinking holes on rooftops, under your feet, and behind bookshelves. Because signage and staircases are so predictable.

9. Our service industry is excellent! We have waiters and bar staff who legitimately love their jobs and don't treat you like something on the bottom of their shoe. And for that we adore them.

10. Our baristas. The gods that caffeinate us daily with hands down the world's best cup of coffee.

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Image credit: Dead Man Espresso by Simon Shiff for The Urban List

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