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Melbourne’s Getting A…Garlic Bread Appreciation Conference?!

By Clare Acheson
12th Oct 2015

Whether you’re a pizza lover, a ciabatta fiend or a fan of some new-age ‘artisanal’ garlic-laced loaf that we haven’t yet encountered here at The Urban List, it’s time to get ready to declare your love for one of the most divisive foods of all time. Yes, Melbourne is getting a Garlic Bread Appreciation Conference, and you’re all invited.

Held on Friday 15th January 2016 at 3:07am (?!) in the grounds of the MCG, this garlicky love-in is a place for all you fans of mincing that bulb of vampire-deterring goodness, blending it with as much butter as possible, and letting it melt onto some top-notch carbohydrates. You’ll have no fear of your pungent breath being the reason the person next to you won’t go in for a pash because everyone at the event will be united by the one true test of a man’s character—their love for garlic bread.

No, we don’t know who’s going to be serving up garlicky, buttery baked goods. No, we can’t get hold of the man—a certain ‘Baxter Kirk’—behind the stunt. And no, we don’t know if it will actually happen. But damn, it’s a great idea.

You can RSVP to the Facebook event for the 2016 Garlic Bread Appreciation Conference here.

Stuck for where to get your garlic bread fix in the meantime? We got your back, garlic fam. Watch out for our round-up later this month. 

Image credit: The Man, The Chef, The Dad

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