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Did Someone Say Home Delivered Smoothies?

By Sophie Colvin
15th Dec 2015

Not all smoothies are made equal. Some we enjoy because they’re straight out delicious, and sometimes we need them to serve an actual purpose – like help us hit our 5-a-day goals, or to get our militant PT off our back about indulging in too many wines this week...

We took a good hard look at ourselves and realised that we needed a bit of a helping hand to be steered away from sugary juices and towards fibre packed smoothies. Enter Pure Blender.

Now let’s get a disclaimer out of the way first: We’re not green smoothie junkies here at TUL, but when we spoke to the good folk at Pure Blender, we sat up and took notice... mostly because their range promised to make life a little simpler (no one says no to that, right?!) - but also because there is a smoothie type for everyone. Even those of us that have a turducken on order for Christmas Day...

So how do you know which one is for you?

There are three different ranges, and each range has a few flavour combinations - so that you don’t get bored of the same old flavours, day in and day out. It’s time to mix things up a bit!

The first one we checked out was the Weight Loss range... mainly because we’ve eaten waaaay to many scrolls recently, and the silly season is never kind to the waistline.

No one thinks ‘delicious’ when they think of anything to do with weight loss, right? But we were tickled pink to find that there wasn’t an artificial powder of fake strawberry flavour in sight. It was packed with leafy greens to aid digestion – kale FTW! - and ginger to super charge the ol’ metabolism, as well as a stack load of other healthy, nutrient packed ingredients that all do their bit to get you on the weight loss straight-and-narrow - such as mint, blueberries, celery, spinach and strawberries.

Some of us are more disciplined than others, and don’t really need a weight-loss specific smoothie (who are these people, really), but could do with a helping hand at the gym. Pure Blender offers three different smoothies that have been created specifically for pre- and post-workout. Think proteins, minerals and antioxidants galore. The ‘Gun Powder’ smoothie is our pick of the bunch, conveniently packed with almonds, dates, cacao, avocado, banana and spinach– it’s exactly what the doctor ordered, and is full of minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc that will assist in avoiding muscle cramps.

The third category in the Pure Blender range is the Wellness Smoothies, aimed at providing a bit of a detox and boosting vitality.... Something that we could really do with right now at the pointy end of the year.

In this range Pure Blender has recognised that occasionally we all need to press the reset button on our diets – so they created three different smoothies that are packed with antioxidants, healthy fats, and enzymes. We made a beeline for the ‘Silk Road’ smoothie when we saw what was in it – avocado, banana, basil, carrot, ginger, kale, orange, turmeric. The flavours worked so well together and we could just about feeeeel ourselves being cleansed from the inside out. #SoZenRN.

We ordered a few different smoothies, from different categories – well, it can’t hurt to try them all, right?

As well-intentioned smoothie lovers who’ve tried a few times to get on the bandwagon but have always fallen off (please tell us that we’re not the only ones that end up throwing away waaaaay too many leafy greens at the end of the week because we forgot about them!?), Pure Blender is proving to be our saving grace. You can order online, and the smoothie ingredients are delivered to your door, chilled, conveniently packed in sealed cups, and ready to be thrown in your freezer for when you’re ready to enjoy them.

Peel back the seal, throw the whole lot in the blender, add a little water if you like and viola! Enjoy all the smug smoothie feels. 

Image credit: Jenna Fahey White


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