Learn What The Stage Three Lockdown Rules Mean For Melbourne This Week

By Ben Tyers
30th Mar 2020


Please refer to our current article with all the latest news about COVID restrictions in Melbourne.

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Stage one rules were introduced on 23 March. Now, we're about to start stage 3 in Victoria as of midnight Monday 30 March.

What Are The New Restrictions?

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that there are only four reasons that people can leave their home:

  • Food and supplies
  • Medical care
  • Exercise
  • Work and education

Fines will now be handed out to those not following rules. Gatherings must be no more than two people. Failure to comply will see you handed a $1,600 on-the-spot fine.

"Victoria has moved to stage three and that involves a ban with an on-the-spot fine of more than $1,600 if you breach it, on gatherings with more than two people, other than those in your household," Mr Andrews said.

Read the Premier's full statement here.

How Long Will The Lockdown Last?

The Prime Minister declared that Australians must expect these restrictions to remain in place for six months.

"The more we share the sacrifice, the more we do the right thing together as Australians, the more lives we will save, the more livelihoods we will be able to preserve and the stronger we will all be on the other side."

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