Melbourne’s Best Big Breakfasts

By Megan Osborne
23rd Aug 2014

What's better than a regular breakfast? A big breakfast! Eating breakfast out is a regular weekend event for many, and a mid-week treat for some. Either way, this city sure knows how to serve up some decadent meals that are worth stumbling out of bed for. 

As we all know, breakfast is touted as the most important meal of the day. So we didn't need much encouragement to taste test some of the best big breakfasts in Melbourne. None of this nancy-pancy porridge or granola, big breakfasts are all about meat, eggs, and salt. Whether you prefer oozy eggs, salty bacon or fresh smashed avocado, we've provided you with a round-up of some of the best high-calorie morning indulgences. Dieters turn away before you're scarred for life. For the other big breakfast fans out there (aka, our friends), enjoy. 

Penguin Emperor at Fat Penguin | Kew

The Emperor Penguin is said to be the tallest and heaviest of the penguin species. Likewise, this fantastic big breakfast at Kew's Fat Penguin cafe, is tall, heavy, and oh so yummy. With eggs, bacon, chorizo, mushroom, thyme roasted tomato and spinach, this big brekkie will have the tallest and heaviest of customers coming back for more (short people with big appetites welcome also).

Pantry Breakfast at The Pantry | Brighton

The Pantry in Brighton is the perfect place for a big breakfast indulgence. Their 'Pantry Breakfast' gives you two perfectly cooked (however you like) eggs, with bacon, tomato, roasted mushroom, hash browns and crunchy sourdough toast. With attention to detail and flavour, this delicious big breakfast will have you coming back for more. Same time tomorrow?

Rise & Shine at Grasshopper's Feast | Melbourne CBD

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Grasshopper's Feast will meet all your artery-clogging breakfast cravings. Their 'Rise & Shine' big breakfast delivers a meal of eggs done any way, spinach, mushroom, roast tomato, hash brown, sausages and bacon. For the tummy-rumbling hungry, not the faint of heart.

Big Breaky at Three Bags Full | Abbotsford

For the most delicious all day breakfast Abbotsford has to offer, head down to funky corner stop, Three Bags Full, home to some of Melbourne's best breakfasts. Their 'Big Breaky' offers eggs any way on toast, with Istra bacon, grilled tomato, spinach and roasted mushrooms. The unique features to this delicious big breakfast are the juicy pork and fennel sausage and tangy relish. Yum! With this massive plateful, Three Bags Full aims to satisfy your big breakfast cravings. Veggie brekkie available with avocado!

The Full English at Duchess of Spotswood | Spotswood

For a truly wicked big breakfast offering at one of Melbourne's best cafes, visit the Duchess of Spotswood for their 'Full English' brekkie. Not for the prim and proper, this delicious big breakfast sorts out all your early morning cravings. 'The Full English' comes with fried eggs, bacon, tomato, beans, sausage and black pudding with sourdough toast. We're having heart palpitations just thinking about it.

Big Fat Liar & Big Fat Veggie at Liar Liar | Hawthorn

Liar Liar in Hawthorn serves up possibly the best big breakfast in Melbourne, with a delicious vegetarian option, also. The 'Big Fat Liar' serves your eggs any way, with bacon, slow roasted mushrooms and sautéed spinach. But it's the chipolatas, thyme roasted tomato and house made relish that make this one of the best big breakfasts going around! The 'Big Fat Veggie' doesn't miss the mark either, with the same delicious veggie-friendly items plus avocado and baked beans. It's sans the meat but not the flavour. 

Cave-man at Patch Cafe | Richmond

Visit Patch, the best paleo cafe in Richmond, and order their wicked 'Cave-man' big breakfast! Possibly the most health conscious of the lot, don't let that fool you; this big breakfast packs a punch! The 'Cave-man' is a plate full of perfect eggs, bacon, tomato, wagyu beef, a sweet potato fritter, kale, silverbeet and relish. Your not-so-guilty and oh-so-scrumptious big breakfast.

The Big Bang Breakfast at Trunk | Melbourne

Trunk's 'Big Bang' breakfast will keep table conversation at a minimum as you'll be too busy cramming in all that salty goodness. Eggs your way, with bacon, pork and fennel sausage, mushroom, spinach, hash brown, and tomato on sourdough toast. Traditional, but delicious. Why fix what's not broken, right? 

Mixed Grill at Small Victories | North Carlton

Meat lovers over here! Small Victories in North Carlton is here to meat (pun intended) your big breakfast needs. Your fried egg, croquette and baked beans are served up with a mouthwatering plethora of meaty goodness such as breakfast sausage, black pudding, and streaky bacon. Extra salt and chest hair optional.

So go forth and sate that appetite (hangover?) with one of Melbourne's best big breakfasts! Also check out our top 10 vegetarian breakfasts and Melbourne's best mushroom breakfasts!

Main image credit: Fat Penguin Facebook.

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