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Melbourne’s Best Hairdressers for Curly Hair

By Emma Bangay
26th Aug 2014

Great curly hair cutters are the unicorns of aesthetic alterations. Anyone who has curls and kinks is not sure if they exist, but still lives in hope. In homage to impending spring – and all things springy – we have collated the very finest tamers of waves, corkscrews, 'fro's and 'challenged' follicles in this town. Now is your time to stride forth, head high and finally find yourself a killer curly cut – just arm yourself with our list of Melbourne's best hairdressers for curly hair!

Rhodes | Hawthorn

Ask for Melissa. Swathed in Aveda aromas, you know you're onto a divine thing as soon as you step into Rhodes Hair & Spa salon in the eastern suburbs' bible belt of beauty. With only Melbourne's best hair stylists and technicians on hand, all things natural and luxurious are encouraged here – and that has 'curl love' written all over it.  The buzz words here are relaxed, yet totally on trend, so you can rest assured the combined forces of exceptional Aveda products – and one of the chicest curly hair cutters in the biz – will win over your frizz in minutes flat.

Joey Scandizzo Salon | South Yarra

Head straight to one of Melbourne's best hairdressers, Joey Scandizzo Salon, and ask for Hermiz. This man knows his way around a curl. Possibly backwards. Blindfolded. It probably helps that he has waves of pure wonder himself, and Hermiz takes his spirals seriously, akin to an artist and an easel. This is no slap-dash snip and cut, this is a planned, precise curly-haired consultation that takes into account your lifestyle, future follicle plans and the amount of time in the morning you can be arsed doing anything to your hair at all. Yes, it's lock love.

Mien | Fitzroy North

Ask for Leticia. With a passion for creating 'sustainable hairstyles' Leticia fosters great, individual looks from the roots up at Mien salon. Natural waves and quirky kinks are nurtured by this Senior Stylist. Although you're hard pressed to find a bad cutter in this cool, urban salon, Leticia has a real knack for 'keeping it real' (really), without all the fluff and nonsense you may get in other salons. More in tune with realistic trends than try-hard fads, Leticia is one of those cutters you rarely come across. So you're going to want to hold onto this superstar hair stylist with both hands once you do!

Neel Loves Curls | Fitzroy

Ask for Neel. Fancy curls with a twist? Kneel down people. Neel is Melbourne's High Priest of kinks and loops and his salon, a shrine. Having studied the art of cutting curls in New York City, Neel doesn't even cut straight hair and will have none of this modern-day blow-wave palaver. A lover of natural texture, Neel lives, breathes, loves curls and every product in the Fitzroy salon is aimed at paying them their due respect. A revolutionary of the ringlet set, Neel will not only get your look bang on – to suit you – he will no doubt do it with so much passion and aplomb, your friends will be clambering for perms just to grace his chair.

Mudd Hair Sculpting | Prahran

New Zealand native, Tina, has built this Prahran hair salon from the stilts upwards after leaving her homeland – via Los Angeles – and landing in the iconic Greville Street stretch. Ask anyone who has beheld her scissor wizardry and you will learn two things: Curls can't be rushed, and Tina is a force of nature. Hands down one of Melbourne's best hairdressers for curls, Tina keeps it pretty low key despite her highly visible salon. Word-of-mouth maintains a healthy momentum here (you won't even see a website for Mudd, let alone social media), so you know that when someone tells you to see Tina, they are letting you in on a well-kept secret. So take it from me, if you have curls, do as they say, and as they do.

You heard it here first, gurls with curls – so put down the Frizz Ease and head straight to one of Melbourne's best hairdressers for curly hair!

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