Melbourne’s Best Pork Belly: Round 2

By Hannah Valmadre
17th Nov 2014

Back by popular demand, it's Melbourne's juiciest pork belly! There is something so satisfying about this dish that we've brought you another ten pork belly must haves. Whatever you do, don't read this on an empty stomach, unless you're into drooling uncontrollably. We listened to your suggestions following our first round and found a few more gems for ourselves; from Asian-inspired dishes to European takes on the ever-satisfying meal. Here's where to find more of Melbourne's best pork belly dishes.

Red Spice Road

Melbourne CBD

This, right here, is what dreams are made of. Many Listers were shocked that we didn't include this in our first round up, but we think it's better late than never. Red Spice Road pork belly ticks all the boxes for us, with large chunks of meat that is all crispy skin on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside. Add to that apple slaw with tangy green apples, and enough coriander and Vietnamese mint to give it an Asian-infused kick. To top it off, chili caramel and black vinegar round out the delightful dish made for sharing. If you do one pork belly related thing this week, make it this. Melbourne's best pork belly? The people have spoken. 

Dr Morse Bar & Eatery


A fantastic watering hole particularly in the warmer months, Dr Morse is equal parts excellent if you want something to sip on or to line your stomach. Their rich and delicious Berkshire pork belly is paired with zesty orange, apple and fennel to balance out the heartiness of the meat. Side note for pork lovers out there: Sundays in November at Dr Morse are sizzling, with Suckling Pig Sundays from 1pm onwards. So if you want to get in on the roast action, don't leave it too late.

Lil Boy Blue


The good people at Lil Boy Blue have done some brilliant experimentation with pork belly in the past, such as pork belly popcorn, but their latest addition to the menu is sure to please pork belly punters. Twice cooked pork belly with crackle and seared chilli prawns. Put that with a salad of roasted honey parsnip, confit fennel, sultana, preserved lemon and pear, light apple cider jus and you're laughing.

East Elevation

Brunswick East

One of our favourite breakfast destinations in Brunswick East also delivers the goods when it comes to lunch fare, and we always find ourselves gravitating to the pork belly. At East Elevation, Otway Pork belly with roasted pears comes with lentil, cherry tomatoes and radicchio salad with apple puree. Apples and pears and pork, oh my! Another plus, it's gluten free. East Elevation shares their business and space with chocolate making legends, Monsieur Truffe; if you can stomach pork and chocolate in one sitting, you deserve a medal.

Addict Food & Coffee


Whatever we're craving, Addict always has just what we need to fix us right up. Home to some of Melbourne's best breakfasts, their playful take on the classics and friendly service always make us excited for a visit, and so does their lunch menu. Their crisp pork belly comes with comforting potato and bacon croquettes, as well as salsa verde and an apple and walnut salad to lighten things up. 

Da Noi

South Yarra

If you want to try pork belly Italian style, give Da Noi a go. Berkshire hogs are known for producing meat that is rich and full of flavour, and it's favoured here. Da Noi's pork belly is often paired with seasonal root vegetables including potato, beetroot and carrots so the sides vary depending on the time of the year. Another thing, the menu changes daily here, so it's well worth calling ahead just in case they're not serving pork belly the night you'd like to drop by.



While the menu leans slightly towards Italian cuisine at Florentine, their pork belly is an interesting mix of influences. The pork belly is cooked sous vide (French), with grilled nashi pear (Asian), Canadian scallop (Canada, duh) and smoky bbq sauce (USA). We say bring it on. Florentine is also right next door to the Dendy Cinema on Church Street, making it an excellent pit stop for part one of your next 'dinner and a movie' date night. You're welcome, future lovers.

Proud Mary


Although some of Melbourne's best coffee can be found here, their menu has also become famous amongst professional brunchers. Proud Mary first caught our pork belly hungry eyes when they used to do a deliciously messy pork belly sandwich with smoked paprika relish and aioli. These days they make the pork belly the star of the lunch menu, served with freekah, green chili yoghurt and almonds. 

The More The Better


It's time to taste Korean pork belly at the adorably named The More The Better in Elsternwick. The Cha Shu Roll Ups is where it's at, where Cha-Shu braised pork belly with kimchi coleslaw is rolled up with thinly sliced radish pickle. For something smaller, they also fill their Baos with braised pork belly, cucumber kimchi, shoots and coriander, and for $5 a bun, that's a steal. Interestingly the Korean menu here also has a slight American influence, so if you're up for some fusion, check this out.

Haven't read Part 1 of Melbourne's best pork belly? Catch up right here.
Image Credit: Coco et Cocoa

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