44 Melbourne Dishes To Keep You Warm This Winter

By Megan Whitfield
21st May 2018


Winter in Melbourne may be dark and full of terrors, but at least it gives you an excuse to eat as much soup, laksa, ramen, slow-cooked meats, gnocchi and carb-heavy stodge as you want. Tell people you're building your 'winter bod'. Bears do it, right? It's practically Darwinian. Evolution wants you to order that triple cheese toastie and a side of hot chocolate. 

So here you go, guys. 44 winter dishes in Melbourne that'll warm the cockles. Tuck in. 

Photography: Annika Kafcaloudis

  1. Get some feeling back into those fingers with a hot choc from BibelotHunted + Gathered or Don’t Lost Your Temper (Or all three. We won’t judge).
  2. Nothing says winter like a big bowl of soup. Garden Foods does a killer spiced pumpkin. 
  3. Get your fill of roast meats (and paired wine) at Arbory's epic winter roast series. $25 well spent. 
  4. Scarf down some potato-y, cheesy scrumptious-ness with a serve of pierogi at Little Oddessa.
  5. One slice of hot apple pie from The Pie Shop thanks (it's called The Rita). Just like grandma used to make. Maybe even better. Don’t tell her we said that.
  6. More soup! Order yourself a bowl of rice wine soup from Wonder Bowl—it’s good for the soul. 

Photography: Annika Kafcaloudis 

  1. What says comfort food more than a big hunk of meat? Check out the beef short rib with burnt Brussels sprouts at Mjolner.
  2. After a little winter pick-me-up? Try the eggplant with slow-cooked beef shoulder at Rebel Blue in Windsor. 
  3. Okay, we know haggis isn’t everyone’s style, but the Pakora haggis from Wee Man’s Kitchen may just change your mind. 
  4. Slurp up some South Australian swimmer crab bisque at Miss Katie’s Crab Shack. Prepare to get your hands dirty.
  5. Warm your cockles with a glass of mulled wine at Willows & Wine in West Melbourne. 
  6. We don’t need a reason to stuff ourselves full of potato. But the gnocchi ragu from Ms Frankie tastes even better while sheltering from the rain.
  7. Check out the epic 'Rac n' Mac' nights at Smithward in Collingwood. Raclette poured over mac. Sweet lord...

Photography: Jenna Fahey-White 

  1. Do yourself a favour and get a big bowl of Beef Pho from Ginger & Chives over in Northcote. Southsiders, head to Mopho Canteen.
  2. We’ve talked cheese, we’ve talked potato. Now let’s combine them. You've gotta try the Swiss raclette over heritage potatoes at Maker & Monger in Prahran Market. 
  3. Okay, time for some 12-hour slow cooked pork ribs. Served with stone fruit sauce and fennel slaw. Find them at Whaler, Prahran's new cocktail lounge. 
  4. We’ve mentioned Maker & Monger already, but f*ck it—they're amazing. Warm up with their classic Pimento grilled cheese sanger. 
  5. Wrap your gob around one of the city's best smoked brisket burgers at Burn City. Now smoking at Collins Kitchen in the CBD. 
  6. Pay it forward with a bowl of hot tomato soup at The Soup Place. They serve it out of giant Harry Potter-style cauldrons. 
  7. No winter list would be complete without mentioning the brined and miso-glazed rotisserie chicken at Belleville. Don't forget a serve of their poutine while you're at it. 
  8. Need a warming brunch? We’re all for STN’s slow-cooked beef cheeks on rosemary-spiked potato hash, served with béarnaise sauce, spiced cabbage and apple slaw.
  9. Freezing in the CBD? One bowl of the Smoked Eggplant Hot Pot from Annam will set you right. 
  10. Melburnians have been warming their bellies with hot jam doughnuts from American Doughnut Kitchen since time immemorial. Check 'em out at Queen Vic Market. 
  11. The spicy chicken wings at Sorry Miss Jackson certainly amp up the temperature on a cold day. Be brave and order the 'Hurts Both Ways'. 
  12. You can never get too much ramen in winter. If you've already been to IPPUDO, hit up Shujinko Ramen in the CBD. 

Photography: Michelle Jarni

  1. The Texas-style Angus beef brisket from Bluestone American BBQ is sure to warm you from the inside out. Bring your friends to help you out with this one. 
  2. Time for another soup variation. Slurp up a bowl of the hot chicken laksa from Pappa Rich.
  3. Walk into Bhang and get toasty with a bowl of their lamb neck braised red curry from Maharashtra.
  4. We’re calling it: the ultimate breakfast comfort dish is baked eggs. And we’re getting ours from Melbourne institution, Hardware Societe
  5. Want to try our favourite gnocchi of 2017? You can get it at Vaporetto in Hawthorn: stodge and slow-cooked lamb shoulder. You even get the pan juices. 
  6. Let’s just keep that gnocchi theme going. The baked gnocchi from Thirty-Eight Chairs is not to be missed, particularly on a wet, miserable Friday night. 
  7. So you’ve realised by now that we like cheese. And pasta. Combine the two with the Pecorino Wheel pasta from Cucinetta. You’ll sleep well after this one. Unless you’re lactose intolerant. 
  8. A piping hot Bunnings snag is pretty hard to beat, but the Boerewors sausages from Boeri Bros are killer too. 
  9. Need another hot laksa tip? Laksa Bar in the CBD do some of the best in town (just get in early to avoid the lunch rush). 
  10. So you’ve worked up the strength to get up early to exercise in this freezing weather? Reward yourself with some home-made crumpets, rosemary and peach compote, vanilla coyo and sweet dukkah at Grace

Photography: Jenna Fahey-White 

  1. It’s been a bit of a meat-fest, but vegan and veggie friends, we haven’t forgotten you. A Fan’s Notes do an awesome vegan roast night, with hot vegan gravy to boot. 
  2. Need more veggie comfort food? Try the vegan nachos at Vegie Bar, the lentil dhal from Lentil As Anything, or the new vegan bolognese from The Alley.
  3. Order yourself a bowl of the veggie curry with tofu from Purple Peanuts. Don't forget a side order of their miso soup. 
  4. Ready for more cheese? Check out the raclette and jazz nights at Juliet, beneath Punch Lane. 
  5. One of our all-time favourite winter warmers: a huge bowl of organic Japanese curry from Brim CC in the CBD. Everyone forgets this place. 
  6. There’s a bit of a curry theme going and we’re okay with it. Next on the comfort-food-menu? A serve of the beef rendang with coconut rice from the Grand Tofu. Cheap and delicious.
  7. Grab yourself a big bowl of ramen with spicy pork mince from Yoku Ono (that's Yoku, not Yoko, just FYI). They do some of the best in the South. 
  8. Sometimes all you need to lift your spirits is a solid burger—and YOMG delivers in spades. Keep it simple with the Yo My With Cheese, add some pickles, sit back and enjoy.
  9. Time to round things off (because we’re assuming you’re eating all of these) with the spiked hot choc from Chuckle Park. We’re talking a chocolate meets vodka meets blackberry liqueur meets a hint of almond.  

Drink up, guys. Here are all the places to find mulled wine and hot cider in Melbourne

Image credit: Annika Kafcaloudis 

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