Melbourne’s 8 Most WTF Foods

By Clare Acheson
6th Mar 2015

As you’ve probably gathered by now, at The Urban List we get to try some of the most incredible food that Melbourne has to offer. Juicy steaks, awesome dumplings, creamy gelato…But sometimes we come up against meals that take a bit of convincing. Oyster-ice cream, anyone? Or how about a bit of banana, cream cheese and chilli pizza? Read on for a killer round-up of Melbourne’s most WTF eats…

Go Bananas Pizza at Mojo’s Weird Pizza

Clifton Hill

We love pizza, but when we saw the ingredients topping this one, we didn’t immediately reach for a slice. Bacon, banana, caremelised brown sugar, two types of cheese AND sweet chilli sauce?! Seriously, Mojo's Weird Pizza, WTF were you thinking…

Bacon Gelato at Meat Feud by Messina

The Prince, St Kilda

Bacon chocolate, bacon fries, bacon aioli…I’m a bacon product enthusiast through-and-through, Listers, and this includes Messina’s amazing bacon gelato, which mixes salt and sweet in one creamy, delicious dessert. It’s not a permanent menu staple (sad face), but it’s going to be available at Meat Feud at The Prince this Labour Day, so make sure you’re there to try this WTF food that’ll have you hooked (and sourcing other weird bacon hybrids) at first bite. Yum.

The Midnight Burger at Temple Brewing Co.

East Brunswick

The Midnight Burger at East Brunswick brewery Temple Brewing Co. has to be seen to be believed. Its black burger bun flummoxed us at first sight, and when their head chef (who trained at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze) told us he uses charcoal in the recipe, we swore we’d never chomp it down. But after a craft beer or two, we took the plunge. Boy, are we glad we did! The Midnight Burger—in all it’s black bunned, bacon and pickle-topped glory—is EPIC. It might be time for another best burgers round-up because this is definitely vying for the accolade of best burger in Melbourne.

Sushi Burgers at, um, Sushi Burger

Melbourne CBD

Do you like your raw fish supersized and served in the shape of a burger, complete with rice patties, lettuce garnish and nori seaweed used as an edible paper wrapping? If the answer is ‘yes’, then Sushi Burger is for you. Not the greatest sushi experience we’ve ever had in our lives, but then again, was a sushi burger hybrid ever going to be?

Lamington Jaffles at Bad Frankie


It’s reasonably difficult to improve upon the Australian classic that is the lamington, but sandwiching it inside another Aussie staple—the jaffle—and toasting the entire thing to perfection pretty much nails it. Shortly after asking the kids at Bad Frankie ‘WTF?’ we began screaming ‘WT…givememoooooore,’ and crying tears of foodie joy. Pro tip: This place also does booze. You know what to do. (Gin+Jaffle=good times galore).

Oyster Ice-Cream at Brae


There has been a LOT of hype about Brae, Dan Hunter’s Birregurra project that’s being hailed as the best restaurant in Australia, so we had high hopes for a weird food find when we visited. Thankfully, we weren’t disappointed. The oyster ice-cream was a ‘love it or hate it’ affair, dividing our taste team straight down the middle, but succeeding in leaving everyone thinking ‘WTF did I just eat?’

Cone Pizzas at Konopizza

South Yarra

I don’t know of a single person that’s looked at a pizza and thought it’d be better if it was an ice-cream cone but hey, if you’re out there, Konopizza has made your cheesy dreams come true. I haven’t actually been here but their website shows a pizza cone that looks like it’s topped with raspberries and choc-puff cereal. 10/10 WTF, I can’t even.

Just about everything at The Fat Duck

Melbourne CBD

You didn’t think we’d leave this off the list, did you? Just about everything at The Fat Duck has an element of WTF wonder to it, of the highbrow variety. Our favourites are the oxchoc dessert (wagyu beef nougat, Guinness and beef caramel), the beetroot meringue filled with horseradish mousse, and the liquid nitrogen poached gin and tonic, which could be a food or a drink, we’re not really sure. Thanks, Heston!

Do you know of any WTF food that we’ve left off our list? Hop over to Facebook and let us know!

Image credit: Food Monger

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