Melbourne’s Best Avo on Toast

By Pip Jarvis
6th Nov 2013

Smashed, mashed, sliced, or diced. Paired with chilli, goats cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes, dukkah or bacon. Spread over a smear of Vegemite or under a poached egg. Served on rye, sourdough, multigrain, Vienna or pide. However you like it, avocado on toast is truly one of life's greatest pleasures!

We here at The Urban List are MAD for the stuff. Mad, I tell you.

While it's all well and good to mush nature's marg onto your Wonder White at home, there are a bunch of cafes around town that have elevated the humble avo to cult status. Without further ado, we bring you our pick of Melbourne's best avocado on toast. Dig in to the good fat goodness.

A certain staff member is nigh on obsessed with the avo offering at this Yarra-side eatery. Perched atop two toasted pieces of pidé, with ricotta, olive oil, lemon and sea salt, it's pretty simple and mighty tasty. Bonus points for the greenery on a sunny Summer's day.

Kanteen | 150 Alexandra Avenue in South Yarra

Earning brownie points for generosity is Grace cafe in Fitzroy. They will kindly smash you an entire avo, sprinkle in some delicious herbs, and dish it up atop Dench sourdough with a side of lemon. And, personally, I think you'd be batshit crazy not to add the Meredith Goats feta.

Grace | 76 Rose Street in Fitzroy

The team at Bluebird Espresso will put a chirp in your morning with their smashed av with fresh mint, parsley, Meredith feta and a poached egg on multigrain. Fresh, healthy and thoroughly delicious.

Bluebird Espresso | 134 Johnson Street in Collingwood

If you want to spice things up, Advieh in Seddon does a mean Middle Eastern take on the breakfast fave. We're talking smashed avo with pesto, rocket, dukkah, and grated pecorino. Topped with a poached egg, you've got the ultimate hang over cure right there.  

Advieh | 71B Gamon Street in Seddon

As well as serving some of the best caffeinated bevvies in town, the rockabilly crew at Proud Mary do a spot-on avo. This baby comes on farmhouse toast, with charred corn and quinoa tabouleh, goats cheese (when it comes to avo, is there any other kind?!), and chilli oil.

If you're feeling seedy, add a poached egg and bacon. You'll leave stuffed to the gills and feeling like a whole new person. But, beware – you may have to wait a while as the weekend queues here can be epic.

Proud Mary | 172 Oxford Street in Collingwood

If you're not averse to tomatoes with your avo (some people are, weirdos), the seedy toast version at ISIT in Prahran is super fresh and yum. The avo is chunky and mixed with Persian feta, fresh chllli, mint and blistered cherry tomatoes. Soak up the sun in their astroturf courtyard while you munch brunch and peruse the weekend papers.

ISIT Cafe | 11 Izett Street in Prahran

Fresh and delicious at ISIT Cafe. Image Credit: Facebook.

Holy guacamole, these guys do it well. You'll be treated to crunchy sourdough, mint, chèvre, basil, chargrilled lemon and green tea sea salt to pep up your smash. At $14, it's also cheaper than most. Winning!

Industry Beans | Warehouse 3, 62 Rose Street (Corner Fitzroy Street) in Fitzroy

Crabapple Kitchen is a cute as pie cafe on Glenferrie Road that serves a sensational smashed avo on olive toast. Sooo good. Add Meredith Dairy soft feta, chilli, mint, avocado oil and lemon for a zingy start to your day.

Crabapple Kitchen | 659 Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn

Oh, Dukes – can you do no wrong? Here you'll get avocado and hummus on toast, with poached eggs, honey candied bacon (swoon) and dukkah. Totally yumbles for your tummy rumbles.

Dukes Coffee Roasters | 169 Chapel Street in Windsor

Another avo/tomato advocate, East Elevation has elevated (groan) the breakfast bar in Brunswick. Vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes, with avocado, basil and Persian feta on grilled olive bread = bliss.

East Elevation | 351 Lygon Street in Brunswick East

Quite possibly the prettiest avo dish in town, you'll ooh and ahh with delight when your avo and toast comes topped with Yarra Valley Persian feta, cherry tomatoes, black sesame, extra virgin olive oll and shaved radish. Praise the brunch gods for this perfect, perfect specimen.

Three Bags Full | 56 Nicholson Street in Abbotsford

Pretty as a picture. Image Credit: Three Bags Full Facebook.

Sinking your fangs into the avo on toast at this Balaclava fave is a zen-like experience. They keep it pretty simple – tossed with feta, mint, chilli and lemon on organic sourdough. Nonetheless, it's a Southside sensation. Nom, or should I say Ommm.

Monk Bodhi Dharma | Rear of 202 Carlisle Street in Balaclava

Richmond hotspot, Top Paddock, opts for lime over lemon (fancy), and keeps it simple with sea salt and sourdough. The rest of the menu is also outstanding, not to mention the coffee from their super sexy machines.

Top Paddock | 658 Church Street in Richmond

Like moths to a flame, some things were made for each other, meant to be, etc and so forth. Avocado and mushrooms are two such things. The clever clogs at Friends of Mine realise this, and serve their smashed av with thyme-buttered mushies (drool!), plus marinated feta and torn basil on five-grain bread. Heavenly.

Friends of Mine | 506 Swan Street in Richmond

Wondering where these cafes get their avs from? Chances are, it's Barham Avocados, a popular supplier to Melbourne's hospitality industry. Barham Avocados grow four delicious varieties of avocados at their 800-hectare family farm at Horseshoe Bend by the Murray River. Hass is now in season, and you can order online here so you will never have to endure the sweaty-palmed terror of realising your fruit bowl is avo-less!

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