Melbourne’s Best Cafes Doing Delicious Winter Soups

By Clare Acheson
10th Jun 2016

best soup melbourne

When winter hits Melbourne, we’re alllll about the comfort foods and nothing warms us up like a hearty soup. Whether you’re a fan of Japanese miso broth, love a rich seafood chowder (the more cream and white wine, the better!), or keen for a veggie-packed blend, here are Melbourne’s best cafes and restaurants for satisfying that soup urge.

#1: The Soup Place, Melbourne CBD

The clue’s in the name here, folks. Tucked down Centre Place, ten paces off Flinders Lane, The Soup Place is home to delicious to-go soups that span everything from spicy Moroccan chicken to creamy pumpkin. Not satisfied with feeding Melbourne’s more fortunate soup slurpers, The Soup Place also lets you add a mere $3.50 to your order to ‘pay it forward’, providing soup for someone who is currently homeless in Melbourne. We salute you, soup lovers with soul!

#2: Isit, Prahran

Prahran cafe Isit is a firm Urban List fave, largely due to its rich soups that come with mouth-watering garlic toast. While the flavours change almost daily, we’re always hoping for a bowlful of their pea and ham hock masterpiece. The perfect spot for a bite to eat on a cold Melbourne day.

#3: Borsch, Vodka & Tears, Windsor

Beetroot broth, chicken broth, rye broth… They’ve got it all at Windsor borsch mecca, Borsch, Vodka & Tears. If you’re looking for maximum comfort food points, we’d recommend the white borsch, which comes with a side of mash for spooning into your soup—genuinely like eating a hug for lunch. 

#4: Fish & Chippery By The Atlantic, Southbank

Okay, so you might have a hard time tearing yourself away from that platter of freshly shucked oysters at Fish & Chippery By The Atlantic, but if you can manage to, you’ll thank yourself for ordering the prawn and smoked fish chowder, which comes packed full of mushrooms, leeks and sweetcorn, and is served IN A SOURDOUGH BOWL. Seriously, why had we not thought of this before?!  Seafood lovers, you know what to do.

#5: Moroccan Soup Bar, North Fitzroy

Somewhat of a northside institution, the Moroccan Soup Bar goes light on its service and heavy on its heartwarming Middle Eastern soups. More like a stew, these spiced chickpea-laden soups are definitely on the more filling end of the spectrum. Lock in your next Moroccan dinner date, pronto.

#6: Bistro Gitan, South Yarra

When it comes to rich, creamy soups, the French do it best. Bistro Gitan is always worth dropping into for a bowl of their daily soup, whether it’s cheese-topped French onion (our ultimate favourite), or another masterful concoction. And we wouldn’t blame you for having a cheeky glass of Champagne with your decadent soup feast…

#7: Claypots Evening Star, South Melbourne

Yet another chowder hotspot, Claypots Evening Star is the go-to if you’re in need of a mussel broth or hearty chowder on a cold winter’s evening. Using market-fresh ingredients that make the most of the day’s catch, you can guarantee you’ll be tucking into a bowl of something delicious here, and if you need a sweet treat for dessert, there’s always the market nearby!

#8: Hakata Gensuke, Melbourne CBD and Hawthorn

Praise be to the god of ramen! Hakata Gensuke’s noodle-filled bowls are filling, super-flavoursome and come with all the ramen egg and chilli oil trimmings you could wish for. Feeling brave? Go for the ‘God Fire’ spicy ramen at ither the Hawthorn or Melbourne CBD location. Now THAT will heat you up on a cold day.

#9: Little Ramen Bar, Melbourne CBD

Sometimes, when it comes to soups, simple is best, and nowhere’s doing no-frills ramen quite like Little Ramen Bar in the CBD. With the option to add just about anything you want for an extra dollar or two, this is our top pick for a DIY bowl of Japanese goodness.

For our full round-up of Melbourne’s best ramen, click here.

#10: Chef Lagenda, Flemington, Deer Park

Authentic laksa doesn’t get better than at Chef Lagenda, Flemington’s up-and-coming soup specialists who are making some of the best traditional soups in the city. When it comes to the colder days, we all know spicy is best, so it’s curry laksa all the way. Delicious!

For the complete guide to Melbourne’s best laksa, click here.

Image credit: Fish & Chippery By The Atlantic 

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