Melbourne’s Most OTT Chai Lattes

By Millie Lester
29th Aug 2017


Forget extra-shot-soy-mocha-frappuccinos, it’s time to get back to basics. We’ve sussed out the most delicious chai lattes in and around Melbourne and have brought you a list of the best. We haven’t skimped on pouring gimmicks or authenticity either, so if you’re a sucker for a fancy teapot and a mini wooden paddle, then pay attention.

Holy Bowly Superfood Bar


Hampton’s resident fresh, clean and healthy eatery sure knows it’s way around a handful of cinnamon sticks. Holy Bowly has been dishing up smoothie bowls and cold pressed juices on the south side for years, but it’s the coconut-infused chai lattes served with Calmer Sutra chai, honey and your milk of choice that’ll warm your insides this winter.

Saint James Cafe


The legends behind Hard Pressed Coffee have their very own Malvern-based eatery and it’s got every Melbourne favourite mastered, including the chai latte. Make sure you order your Strawberries & Cream Pikelets with their brewed-to-order chai, courtesy of luxe Melbourne-based brand - Prana.

Shillinglaw Cafe


Eltham’s Shillinglaw Cafe isn’t a particularly well-known cafe, which makes their chai lattes a well-kept secret. If you make the trip out, you should treat yourself to their haloumi burger with slaw, avo and aioli on brioche, and pair it with their ‘chai latte experience’, made with Dragon Chai 100% fresh chai leaves in soy milk with honey.

Two Birds One Stone

South Yarra

SoYo is the home to numerous excellent brekkie cafes, and Two Birds One Stone is certainly on the list. While they’re praised city-wide for their twice-cooked brioche French toast, their extravagant chai latte is the perfect accompaniment. We also recommend giving their pink grapefruit juice a taste as well.

Ebenezer Cafe & Wine Bar

Black Rock

Your next out-of-town excursion should definitely be to Black Rock, where you’ll come across Ebenezer—the home of the famous eggs benedict with house made hashbrowns, spinach, smoked bacon, poached eggs & CHIVE HOLLANDAISE. They also offer a very elaborately presented chai latte (pot and all) courtesy of Calmer Sutra wet chai.

Original Chai Co

Queen Victoria Market

Every weekend, the OG of chai lattes sets up it’s chai cart at the Queen Victoria Market, and this means there’s only a two-day window each week for you to treat yo’self to the most authentic chai brew in the city. The Original Chai Co is definitely a bucket list item for hot bev enthusiasts city-wide. Be assured, the line’s worth it.

Radhey Kitchen & Chai Bar


The place has ‘chai’ in its name for gawd’s sakes, you know it’s going to be good. This authentic, soul-conscious eatery serves up Sattvic food, which is ‘karma-free food prepared with the knowledge of ancient wisdom’. Not only is the thought behind the food prep healthy and enviro-friendly (plus extremely allergy free), but their Ayurvedic Turmeric chai latte is certainly something to phone home about.



Everyone’s favourite plant-based, golden-cutlery cafe is also home to a mean (and healthy) organic chai latte made using a house-made blend of chai which has been naturally sweetened with organic spices. If you don’t leave with a smile on your face and spices on your lips, you’re doing Serotonin wrong.

The Farm Cafe


Possibly situated in one of the most beautiful outer-burbs setting, The Farm Cafe has grown from once being a mere coffee and pancake stall at the Collingwood Children’s Farm to now becoming its own stand-alone (and bloody delish) cafe. Make sure you try their fresh leaf Calmer Sutra Chai, served with honey and soy (or regular) milk.

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Image credit: Jess Prince

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