Melbourne’s Best Chocolate Dishes

By Ellen Seah
17th Mar 2016

Easter is the time for celebration, overindulgence and sleeping in. To help you achieve these challenging Easter goals, we’ve put together a list of the best chocolate dishes in Melbourne, 'cause #foodgoals.

Om Nom’s ChocolaTerrarium


Melbourne’s favourite luxury dessert house, Om Nom’s ChocolaTerrarium with cinnamon sugared churros, chocolate ‘gravel’, pistachio and chocolate sponge, chocolate icecream, valhrona manjari 64% mousse and milk foam (phew!) is a crunchy-soft, cacao-packed dessert no self-proclaimed foodie could resist. Served in an elegant, fairytale-like glass terrarium, this is chocolate dark arts right here.

400 Gradi’s Nutella Calzone

East Brunswick

Resist the chocolate fondant, avert your eyes from the Nutella crepes—400 Gradi’s Nutella calzone is the best-stuffed pizza you’ll ever have the fortune of ordering. Warm, rich, and generously (very generously) filled with Australia’s favourite chocolate spread, savoury calzones have officially been ruined for me now.

Charlie Dumpling’s Chocolate Dumplings


Purists will cry anarchy, but Charlie Dumpling’s milk chocolate creation gives crowd-favourite pork dumplings a serious run for their money. Don’t tell my mum, or we won’t be friends anymore. Served with banana jam and blueberry ice-cream, these milk chocolate and peanut butter dumplings are strictly not for sharing.

Messina’s Chocolate Fondant

Fitzroy, Cremorne, Windsor

It’s like the best chocolate frosting in ice cream form. Crowd-favourite Messina’s chocolate fondant flavour is pure creamy deliciousness, so let’s skip the pretence since we both know you’re going to go for three scoops.  

Mr Wolf’s White Chocolate Semifreddo

St Kilda

If you haven’t tried semifreddo before, it’s sort of like an ice-cream cake. Except instead of frozen ice-cream, it’s frozen mousse. And instead of crappy blue-flavoured layers (which never tasted like anything but vanilla), it’s chocolate. Mr Wolf’s white chocolate semifreddo is served with salted caramel almond popcorn—a sophisticated sweet ‘n salty, creamy ‘n crunchy combo.

Burch & Purchese’s Chocolate and Pear cake

South Yarra

A new addition to the Burch and Purchese studio, the chocolate, pear, caramel, hazelnut dessert is a three-in-one chocolate hit. Pear and hazelnut brownie, chocolate mousse, pear cream, salted caramel cream, pear jelly, caramelised hazelnuts and dark chocolate velvet spray make up this decadent, Willy Wonka-like treat.

Chez Dre’s chocolate éclair

South Melbourne

Meaning 'lightning' in French, you’ll have to be lightning fast to snatch up Chez Dre’s chocolate éclairs on weekends. Thin, chewy choux dough is filled with creame patisserie and coated in rich, shiny chocolate for a chocolate dessert worthy of being eaten (lightning) fast.   

Green Refectory’s Mars Bar Cheesecake


Whoever invented cheesecake was likely a demi-god, but the team behind Green Refectory have taken it a step further. Caramel and chunks of milky chocolate are encased within a light, velvety cheesecake. Served in liberally cut slices, Green Refectory’s Mars Bar Cheesecake is almost a job for two. Almost.

Grossi Florentino’s Chocolate Souffle


Leave room for dessert at Grossi Florentino. Their chocolate soufflé with grains of paradise ice cream (oo la la), chocolate sauce (because two’s a party) and hazelnut praline (make that three), is as good as their pasta. Read: top-notch.

Myrtles Crepes and Coffee’s Nutella crepe


Northcote’s favourite local creperie, Myrtles Crepes and Coffee, is a haven for sweet-tooths. There’s a range of freshly made crepes to choose from, but our pick is the Nutella (of course), strawberries and cream crepe. Toddle outside to their laidback, backyard-style outdoor garden and you can’t wish for much more. 

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Image credit: Om Nom 

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