Your 2017 Melbourne Croissant Bucket List

By Millie Lester
31st Jul 2017


Some people want to climb mountains, others want to be thrown from bridges with elastic ropes tied to their ankles, and a select few of us just want to eat all of the best damn buttery, flaky pastries in Melbourne. This croissant bucket list is for you.

White Mojo


Not only is the White Mojo website the most aesthetically delicious thing you’ll ever feast your eyes on, but their game-changing savoury croissant burger is the most insane thing you’ll feast your tastebuds on this year. ‘The Big Mac’ burger is made up of mac & cheese, jalapeno mayo, DOUBLE bacon, fresh green tomato and fried egg, all served on a buttery croissant. Stick that in your arteries and smoke it.

What to order: The Big Mac

Lune Croissanterie


Lune Croissanterie has been hailed as the connoisseurs of the best croissants in the country-nay-the world. Though every single one of their buttery pastries will stop your heart and have you binning your Sara Lee frozen pastries in the blink of an eye, we highly recommend you trying their almond croissant. The thing is twice baked, prepared with Almond Frangipane and sprankled with flaked almonds.

What to order: Almond croissant

Agathe Patisserie

South Melbourne

Word of warning: don’t go to Agathe Patisserie in the afternoon because their venue will be sans-croissants. The people of Melbourne speak with their wallets when it comes to food, so you can be assured that this pastry haven makes a mean croissant. We specifically recommend their plain croissant, which is always first to leave the shelves.

What to order: Plain croissant

Tivoli Road Bakery

South Yarra

This bad boy doesn’t have a truckload of raving Google reviews because the pastries are only meh. In fact, if their packed South Yarra cafe is anything to go by, their pastries are a fundamental need. We highly recommend their unique staple—the morning bun—which is flaky croissant pastry baked in a tin, dusted in cinnamon and orange sugar and filled with custard.

What to order: Morning bun


Port Melbourne

If you’ve been in the croissant [eating] business for a while, then you’ll know that any patisserie with a French name is one you can trust, and Port Melbourne’s Noisette is no exception. Though you may be tempted by the never ending shelves of sweet dessert pastries, the one to drop your money on is the ham and cheese croissant.

What to order: Ham & Cheese croissant

French Fantasies

South Yarra

French Fantasies is a South Yarra-based artisan bakery that has been supplying some of Melbourne’s best restaurants with bread, cakes and pastries for over two decades. Though they now have their own Carlton cafe called Depot de Pain, people still come from far and wide to visit their original post in South Yarra and sample their famous chocolate croissant.

What to order: Chocolate croissant

Chez Dre

South Melbourne

Hidden away in one of South Melbourne’s little alleyways is one of Melbourne’s ritziest patisseries. This modern gem is famous for its freshly baked goods and homemade preserves, and is open for all-day breakfast and lunch. However, the one thing that keeps punters coming back for more is their almond croissant.

What to order: Almond croissant

Dukes Coffee Roasters


Just because this CBD-based cafe has a strong focus on coffee, it shouldn’t deter you from a visit to Dukes Coffee Roasters. Their CBD location is renowned for its delicious brew, and it’s equally famous for its OTT savoury pastry—the mushroom & goats cheese croissant.

What to order: Mushroom & goats cheese croissant

Rustica Canteen


The Rustica chain’s latest edition is its Hawthorn-based canteen which looks set to be its best cafe yet (if those chocolate and honeycomb cruffins are anything to go by). Their meals are incredible but it’s their pastry cabinet that always catches our eye. Not only do they stock elaborate modern pastries, but also contemporary twists on traditional delights. We highly recommend the pain au chocolat’s younger cousin - the Nutella croissant

What to order: Nutella croissant

Babka Bakery Cafe


Home to some of Melbourne’s best pastries of the last twenty years, it’s no surprise that Fitzroy’s pastry institution—Babka—has made our croissant bucket list for 2017. A trip to this pastry baked goods haven on the weekend could see you in a lengthy line, but we promise you the plain croissant is one of the many goodies that’ll make it worth your while.

What to order: Plain croissant

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Image credit: Rustica Canteen | Michelle Jarni

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