Melbourne’s Best Dairy Free Desserts

By Emilie Guillemain
7th Dec 2015

There’s plenty out there to accommodate the gluten free crowd, but what about us dairy free diners? Fear not, sweet-tooths, we’ve rounded up a list of Melbourne’s best dairy free desserts for you to devour.

Warm chocolate brownie | Transformer Fitzroy


As visually striking as it is tasty, Transformer Fitzroy’s warm chocolate brownie is a must for those chasing some dairy free decadence. A rich brownie sits burrowed in edible flowers, lemon balm, salted coconut sorbet and chocolate ganache. Yeah - it’s fancy, and freaking delicious.

Salted caramel tart | Pressed Juices

Various Locations

Salted caramel is everywhere these days, but if you haven’t yet wrapped your mouth around Pressed Juices’ salted caramel tart, you’re missing out. This guilt-free tart blends a range of healthy ingredients to form one seriously scrumptious dairy-free dessert. Give in to the sorcery.

Green tea cheesecake | Raw Trader

Melbourne CBD

We love our green tea. Classic, iced, matcha, ice cream - but cheesecake? Raw Trader nail it. Subtle in flavour and dressed with shredded coconut, if you’re a bit of a green tea fiend you’ve gotta tuck in to this cheese-free delight.

Black sticky rice | Sister of Soul

St Kilda

Step aside vegan rocky road, we’ll have the black sticky rice please. Steamed black rice with coconut milk, topped with caramelised coconut, and served with Sister of Soul’s sorbet of the day, this killer combo will make you want to lick the plate clean. No judgement.

Chocolate, raspberry and pistachio cake | Pana Chocolate


Raspberry chia jam on a pistachio base, filled with rasperries and coated with chocolate cheesecake? Good lord yes. Richmond raw dessert masters Pana Chocolate is a dairy free, sweet tooth’s delight. Everything on the menu is a winner - but this flavourful mix is a definite stand out. 

Dark chocolate, beetroot and nut brownie | Yardmill


Beetroot in my brownie? What?! Yes, it sounds a little “nuts”, but boy does Yardmill make it work. Do not be alarmed by the hunks of beetroot as you bite through, the ingredients are cleverly balanced and make for one weirdly wonderful flavour combo.

Pandan and coconut sorbet | Gelato Messina

Various locations

Forget strawberry and mango. Gelato gods Gelato Messina have blessed us with a pandan and coconut sorbet flavour, which is super creamy but not overpoweringly sweet. The pandan leaf is often used in South East Asian cuisine - but my oh my how it works in an ice cream!

Tiramisu | Yong Green Food


Being dairy free shouldn’t mean missing out on dessert classics. Yong Green Food have got you covered with their take on tiramisu. Think organic spiced rum with espresso, cashews and brazil nuts, dates, raw cacao powder, and coconut butter. YAS.

Pumpkin waffles with candied bacon ice cream | Patch Cafe


Dessert for breakfast / breakfast for dessert - life is short, people. Don’t let people tell you can’t have dessert for breakfast, and more importantly that you can’t get dairy free waffles! Patch Café’s pumpkin, banana and almond butter waffles with candied bacon ice cream is the stuff of dreams. You’re welcome. 

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