Melbourne’s Best Healthy Breakfasts

By Jessica Hackett
20th Nov 2013

As you may have noticed, we spend a lot of time here at The Urban List HQ catering to those inclined to wake up of a Saturday and/or Sunday morning requiring an immediate injection of grease, carbs and protein (check out our scrambled eggs guide, avo on toast round up, and Melbourne's best burgers).

But we should have you know that we are also equally expert in all thing health. Being the cheerleaders of Melbourne's finest restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs 'n' pubs, we are forced kicking and screaming (slash it's probably the best job ever) to labour tirelessly to bring our insights to you with more speed than Gonzalez himself. So, to sustain our weary and haggard bodies, we are more familiar than most re the best places to rejuvenate your bones at breakfast time.

So whether a healthy breakfast is required after a month of overindulgence, you're commencing your annual pre-summer 'this year my bikini-body will rival Miranda Kerr's' or 'I'm gonna get a rig like Ryan Gosling's and women will flock to me' diet, or you're just an avid fan of all things healthy and nutritional, we bring to you Melbourne's BEST healthy breakfasts.



In the sophisticated bayside suburb of Brighton, folks are under a lot of pressure to look their best, so you can be sure to get your slim-on at a plethora of places. Wholefoods, the mecca for health-nuts, do a mean breakfast smoothie with all organic ingredients – banana, mixed berries (of the rasp, blue, straw, black and goji varieties), chia seeds, rolled oats and your choice of milk (dairy, soy, almond, rice…if it can be milked, they've got it on order).

For those not yet convinced that a meal can come in a form consumable via straw or edible by the fine toothless citizens of Melbourne, try this delicious, filling and verging-on-TOO-healthy smoothie and then come and talk to me.



Recently opened in the northest of hip northside 'burbs, Barry (from the boys behind Pillar of Salt and Touchwood) offers a menu bursting with out-of-the-ordinary healthy options that don't skimp on flavour. So don some wide-framed, heavy-rimmed glasses (regardless of eyesight deficiency or lack therof), jump on the 86 and head on down to High Street Northcote to fulfil your healthy conscience.

Healthy options on order include:

- Crunchy organic peanut butter (organic = healthy, right?), tomatoes and salt and pepper peanuts on toast (sounds bizarre, tastes AMAZING).
- Cucumber and gin cured ocean trout, freekah, cauliflower, pomegranate and kale served with a boiled egg.
- Blended banana, crunchy peanut butter, honey, cacao, and almond milk smoothie.



Of all the latest cafes to pop up in the cafe capital of the world, Little Big Sugar Salt is potentially the most catering to the requirements of the health enthusiasts among us. With a menu specifically designed to offer you the choice between little or big and then sweet or savoury (hence the name), you can be assured virtually any need will be met here.

Get down to LBSS for these outstanding healthy breakfasts:

- Acai bowl covered in granola, fresh fruit and flowers (work of art!).
- Bircher soaked in coyo and pear juice, with strawberries and banana on top (also dairy free and vegan, being made with organic coconut yogurt).
- Gluten-free Tivoli Road Bakery bread topped with goat's feta, heirloom tomato, avocado, fennel, zucchini, micro herbs and nut clusters.



Il Fornaio's menu is clearly designed to accommodate for the healthy beachside dwellers of St Kilda, who are also looking to take their tastebuds on a tingly rollercoaster ride to heaven and back.

Healthy options include (with many more):

- Summer Health God Muesli – honey toasted organic oats, popped quinoa, macadamia, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, lavender sugar, lemon zest, and choice of milk.
- I Eat Quinoa For Breakfast – kindred organics quinoa, halloumi, poached egg, olive, perserved lemon, roasted capsicum, and basil.
- The Nutrition Bomb Smoothie – vital greens, raw chocolate, linseed, almond, sunflower seed, coconut, psyllium husk, chia seeds, raw honey, soy, and banana.

Good grief that's a lot of health…



I am an absolute fiend for all things juiced. Fruit, nuts, grains, seeds, oats, vegetables, beef, lamb, chicken (ok maybe not those last three)… If you can juice it, I want it in and around my mouth. So when Pressed Juices came to Melbourne with the motto 'positively life changing', I was curious to say the least. But alas, Pressed Juices smoothies will legitimately change your life, and provide you with potentially the healthiest (and incredibly filling) breakfast outside of seven bowls of broccoli.

Available from several locations around Melbourne, you can pick up flavours including:

- Smooth Balance: Coconut flesh, coconut water, banana and pomegranate.
- Smooth Nourish: acai, almonds, almond meal, dates, blackberry, cinnamon, filtered water, sea salt and vanilla bean.
- Smooth Vitality: Banana, blueberry, chia seeds, coconut water, mesclun, mint, raspberry and strawberry.



Offering a relatively small menu, Twenty & Six Espresso is able to deliver excellence in everything it produces, and it has every health box ticked with 'The Garden'. Looking just as its name suggests, this dish is so visually appealing if you can resist the urge the grab your fork and tuck in immediately, you're guaranteed to get your fair share of Instagram love with a happy-snap of this one.

With perfectly roasted beetroot atop a bed of beluga lentils, whipped goat's cheese, asparagus, organic maple candied walnuts and herbs, you don't have to feel guilty about ordering it 'w/ jamon'. Wash your meal down with a freshly squeezed blood orange or seasonal pear juice from the neighbouring Queen Vic Market, and you'll leave Twenty & Six Espresso rejuvenated and with enough daily calories remaining to head across to QVM and pick up some hot jam doughnuts and melted chocolate smothered churros… (Hey, we're not good ALL the time).



New kid on the block, Touchwood, offers up a delightful selection of healthy dining options, with fresh ingredients and quirky flavour combinations. The fresh juices go above and beyond the traditional OJ – with kale, cucumber, apple, mint, ginger, parsley, lime, celery and coconut water all on offer.

Catering to Melbourne's obsession with all things 'superfood' related, if you're a friend of the health you simply must try Touchwood for any or all of the below menu options:

- Fresh and poached seasonal fruit, vanilla yoghurt and house-candied pecans.
- Avocado toast served with beetroot relish, burnt lime, pickled red onion, coriander, mixed seeds, and sumac salt, served on Dench gluten-free bread.
- Morning grain salad (superfoods ahoy!!) with quinoa, freekah, wild rice, rocket, toasted almonds, chai-soaked raisins, cumin yogurt and a poached egg.



This one needs only be short and sweet – PORRIDGE WITH BAKED RHUBARB, POACHED PEAR, NUTS AND SEEDS. This porridge is the serious biznizz. Humble oats (which Uncle Toby's informs me via the TV are in fact an ancient 'superfood'! Huzzah for oats!) are cooked fresh with cinnamon and brown sugar, and accompanied with a hunk of hot poached pear the size of your head, baked rhubarb, overnight infused natural yoghurt, and finished with almonds, linseeds and sunflower seeds.

This porridge is so good it stays on the menu all year round. And considering summer has decided not to come to Melbourne in 2013, there's never been a better time to enjoy it.

Mixed Business | 486 Queens Parade in Clifton Hill


1000 £ BEND

1000 £ Bend is a unique space where not only can you catch a rock n' roll gig and consume a few frothies in the evening, but you can also return the next morning to cure the damage done with the healthiest and most delectable bircher muesli rolling around town! 1000 £ Bend's Bircher Muesli is served in a healthy portion sized glass, filled with said bircher and natural yogurt layered with stewed fruit and topped with mixed berries, flaked almonds and a couple of sliced seasonal fruits for good measure.



Proud Mary is unequivocally a Melbourne cafe institution, with lines of weekend brunch devotees weaving all the way from Collingwood to Timbuktu. Lucky for us health conscious folk, Proud Mary offers a bunch of 'good for you' choices which are well worth the wait and will leave

'The Green Hornet' consists of all things green and healthy – mixed cress, broad beans, snow peas, asparagus, pickled heirloom carrots, buffalo mozzarella and champagne vinaigrette. And for the sweet-toothed, there's an exceptional Fruit Salad served with organic yoghurt and creamed honey, and a to-die-for Coconut & Lemongrass Pudding with mango, fresh passionfruit and pistachio.



You know you'll be taken care of when they offer Berocca on the menu. After you've dropped your orange speckled tablet into a big ice cold glass of deliciously hydrating H2O, let it dissolve sufficiently, and gotten back some of your B B Bounce, don't even bother perusing the menu. Instead, catch the eye of the nearest waiter (some of the friendliest in Melbourne as a side note…) and order yourself a nutritional bowl of porridge.

Friends of Mine serves organic porridge with chia, sunflower seeds, pecans, banana and coconut sugar. You'll leave satisfied and with enough strength and energy to take on Catwoman and the Hulk combined.

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