Melbourne’s Best Personal Trainers

By Ellen Seah
21st Aug 2017


There’s nothing like a bit of peer pressure to get you through a workout. By that logic, when you face off with the best personal trainers in Melbourne you’ll be sweating (crying) a river.

If your winter has been anything like ours, meaning too much pizza, and not many (any) obligatory two kilometre runs because there’s a donut shop en-route, here are the best personal trainers in Melbourne. Send help, pls.

Tas | Fit Theory

When your PT is a three-time Ironman finisher and was an Ironman World Championship qualifier (70.3) in 2015 (what have you achieved today?), don’t expect your workout to feel like anything less than a marathon. Between endurance-based HIIT training (don’t try to cheat on your numbers, unless you fancy the idea of fifty burpees, which is a thing Tas will absolutely and very unapologetically make you do), boxing (23 years of experience, which is coincidentally the number of wines I’ve had this week) and high-energy group training, you’ll be whipped into the fittest shape of your life with Tas. Hold onto that thought for dear life when you’re sweating up an absolute storm.

You can contact Tas on:

Bec | Bec Heelan

Women-specific training—hell to the yes?! Along with private personal training sessions or group sessions which are designed to make you feel comfortable, secure and assured, Bec has a particular focus on helping women feel body confident. From safe prenatal and post-natal workouts, to bringing the gym to you and healthy recipe plans, Bec is the cheerleader every woman could use in their lives.

You can contact Bec on:

Taylor | Taylor Acheson Strength & Conditioning (TASC)

Combining traditional and modern strength and conditioning methods, Taylor is a current athlete, which keeps him on his toes (literally and figuratively). One of his main focuses is training smarter—because more doesn’t always equal better, a statement that is music to every foodie’s ear. With a wealth of knowledge to individualise your training program according to your needs and goals (butt, abs, legs, everything please?!), prepare for some shaky muscles post-session.

You can contact Taylor via his website here:

Richie | Richard Yeo

A firm believer in training diversity, Richie has a strong focus on proper technique and quality of movement, which is a clever way of saying he’s excellent at making your muscles burn like your ex’s clothes. Specialising in combination fitness and boxing, Richie’s all about encouraging new ways of training (he attends four different gyms himself, meanwhile, I ordered UberEats from a restaurant 300 metres down the road), both for himself and his clients. Appallingly patient, he’s likely to kill you with nice-ness (assuming the squats don’t kill you first).

You can contact Richie on:

Liz | Life Hub

Life Hub—the place where you can get (at least part of) your life together. The immaculate 4,000 square-inch hub is home to classes, group training and one-on-one PT. Personal training is a three-tiered approach, with a focus on training, nutrition and lifestyle. You can even order pre-prepared, nutritionally-approved meals which are tailored to your tastes (bring on the zoodles) and goals. Liz specialises in body composition, and also happens to be an absolute machine.

You can contact Liz via the Life Hub website:

Jimmy | One Way Fitness

With a client profile boasting Hamish Blake, Peter Hellier, Lauren Phillips and the Melbourne Football Club, you can bet your precious PT dollies that there’s something unique about the way Jimmy trains. He’s not afraid to push your perceived physical (or mental) limits, so prepare yourself for some well-intended physical (and mental) ribbing, most of it (freakin’ none of it) in good faith. If you’re the kind of fitty that “doesn’t sweat at the gym”, boy are you in for a treat.

You can contact Jimmy via the One Way Fitness website or on @onewayfitness

Justin | Happy Melon Studios

A unique and easily loveable program mixing high-intensity training with mindfulness, you’ll jump from push-ups to meditation and boxing to yoga. Justin’s training focuses on boxing, with previous experience including the best and fairest winners in the VAFA. The Happy Melon Studio itself is a stunning multi-level building, promoting mental wellness through gorgeous white walls, white timber and natural sunlight. Specialised yoga, meditation, HIIT and pilates rooms means you can lost for hours.

You can contact Justin via Happy Melon Studios or on:

Jared | Duke’s Gym

A WBFF Pro, Jared’s the man to go to if you’re looking to build strength, gain muscle or competition prep (no, not the all-you-can-eat taco kind of comp). A WBFF Pro, you know your PT knows what he’s talking about when your legs are the size of his arms (not a hyperbole for once). Jared trains all clients from Duke’s Gym, Richmond’s hottest new gym complete with a women's-only area.

You can contact Jared via Duke’s Gym or on:

Josh | S3 Barre

Owner of S3 Barre and S3 Studios, Josh choreographs ridiculously fun classes that combine barre with pop music and physiotherapy. A qualified physiotherapist with over 15 years experience in the industry, classes and one-on-one training focuses on improving your musculoskeletal health through safe, effective exercises. Expect exercises like squats, lunges and leg lifts to the beat of Tay Tay’s finest artistic work, or the One Hit Wonders of this decade.

You can contact Josh through S3 Barre or on:

Dan | DCPT Project

Inside a high-ceiling warehouse space, Dan is training up one of the toughest groups of clients. The space, which has been custom built for training and health, is the place where ever-changing and progressive fitness regimes are carried out. Expect to be needled into pushing yourself to get the most out of every session (that’s during and outside of classes, because health is 24/7, haven’t you heard?).

You can contact Dan via the DCPT Project website.

Ben | Progression Fitness Club

Ben's focus area is strength and circuit based High-Intensity Training, with a particular emphasis on intensity. Gawd help us. He’s open about not being the type of trainer for everyone (for example, if you’re looking for something easy or a way to half-arse your gym time, he’s not for you). Expecting nothing less than all your energy and effort every session, he’ll push you mentally and physically.

You can contact Ben via Progression Fitness or on @benny_pfc.

Jacob | JPS Health & Fitness

Jacob's no-nonsense approach to training and nutrition is best displayed through his client's impressive transformations. With studios in Port Melbourne and Airport West, you'll find everyone from elite athletes through to the classic weekend warrior. Jacob gives his clients an individualised and unique experience tailored to their goals (a butt, pretty please?).

You can contact Jacob via JPS Health & Fitness or on @jpshealth_fitness

Bit short on cash? You can still get tone up that rig without spending the big bucks, here's everywhere in Melbourne where you can workout for free.

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