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Melbourne’s Best Pot And Parma Nights

By Peter Tzimos
22nd Nov 2016


Oh, the beauty that is the simple pot and parma. The elegance, the guilty pleasure—the decadence! I can use as many fancy words as you want, but the reality is it’s not anything that should be complicated.

A good bit of chook, a ton of cheese and some cold beer to wash it all down is all I ask. And as the saying goes: ask, and you shall receive. Here are the places that do a pot and parma really, really well.

The Eureka Hotel


The Eureka is a local pub that offers up good times all night long. With double the fun at two nights a week, their parma and pot deal is no exception. Look forward to chunky and fresh Napoli sauce, and the most ham you’ve ever seen on a parma in your life. With a history dating back to 1853, they’ve had a lot of time to practice, but it doesn’t make the experience any less amazing.

Buddha’s Belly


It’s said that you should rub Buddha’s belly for good luck, but there’s no need for luck with the tried and true parma and pot special at Buddha’s Belly. With consistently friendly service and a range of different parmas to choose from, this joint knows how to impress us—and that’s no mean feat. With Budvar on tap, as well as a decent wine list, you’re sure to have plenty to wet your whistle with when the time comes. Rub the Belly on a Thursday to get your pot and parma special for $15.

Edinburgh Castle


Every Thursday from 4pm, Brunswick’s longest standing pub holds a weekly pot and parma night that is stiff competition for the rest. You can opt for small or large (guess which one we picked), alongside a pot of Mountain Goat for a meagre $15. Relax in Edinburgh Castle’s huge beer garden on a quiet summer night, or come in for some tunes and something from the tap (hint: there is a LOT to choose from).

The Skinny Dog Hotel


Boasting one of the biggest parmas in town, this is one to make a note of if you’re looking for a decent feed. It comes on its own plate, with all the trimmings (chips and salad, of course) heaped on the side. If you’re a little bit scared, you should be—this parma is a monster. But for only $20 on a Thursday night special, served with a cool pot from the tap, there isn’t really much room to go wrong at The Skinny Dog

The Wolf and I


One of the places that often makes the list here at TUL, The Wolf and I unsurprisingly dishes up an amazing parma. Beautifully smoked ham and stringy mozzarella are the makings of a perfect parma, and for $20 with a pot of beer or glass of wine, this south-east standout really hits the spot.

The Royal Derby Hotel


This impressive venue boasts a beer garden, live sports and function space—but I guess that you’re only here for one thing. Their pot and parma deal is available on Wednesdays and Fridays for a mere $15, as well as trivia nights on Tuesdays and all you can eat curry on Thursdays. What’s not to love?

The Brandon Hotel

Carlton North

Flavoursome toppings, the cheesiest cheese and crispy beer battered chips—could we ask for anything more? A hidden gem in the backstreets of Carlton, this pub always has something to brag about, with different deals on almost every day of the week. With a weekend parma deal at $15 with a pot, the Saturday special is a rare find, so get into The Brandon Hotel quick smart before a big night out.

The Birmingham Hotel


For $10, there’s no better value parma around town. I’m going to call it and say that this is one of the juiciest parmas out there, and while technically it’s not a pot and parma deal, a $10 parma and $8 pint is still cheaper than some of the other spots on this list. When the weather turns less horrible as we leave 2016 behind, grab a spot on The Birmingham's courtyard beer garden and tuck in. 

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Image Credit: The Skinny Dog Hotel

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