Melbourne’s Best Retro Workouts

By Sophie Teague
29th Jan 2016

retro workouts

We’ve been swept up in every new age workout trend possible, Listers. Over the last few years we’ve all sweated bullets in a Zumba dance class, passed out in Cross Fit and over extended ourselves in a Barre sesh. Look, some of us just aren’t born ballerinas.

So where did all those old school fitness trends go? The ones where we could chat or even maybe crack a smile mid-workout? Cast aside in the flurry of the ‘shiny and new’, we’re bringing back the best retro workouts to get you reminiscing and perspiring this year.


Olympic Ice Skating Centre

Oakleigh South

Don’t be fooled by the name, this one’s not just for Olympic champions. This ice-skating rink welcomes uncoordinated couples, Tinder dates, 10-children families and even superstar skaters with the need for speed. You can push yourself along the edge or glide majestically through the centre - either way you’ll be moving those thigh muscles and toning up big time. A standard ticket is $24, but there are loads of different packages and discounts so click here to get more information.

O’Brien Group Arena


Do you constantly pretend you’re in a Mighty Ducks flick, hitting hockey pucks and speed-skating circles around your friends? You should check out O’Brien Group Arena (previously known as Medibank Icehouse) in Docklands. There's ice-skating for all ages and a heck load of ice sports on offer, including ice hockey, speed skating and even curling. If you want to go it alone though, chuck on a pair of skates and slowly build up to the courage to let go of the sides and glide in the centre, you'll surely be sweating at the end.


Rollerskate with a mate at Caribbean Rollerama


This may be a bit of a drive for some, but it's well and truly worth the trip. The Caribbean Rollerama is open late on Friday and Saurday nights for a night skating frenzy. There are retro hits blasting out of the speakers as you roll, roll, roll around the rink with your friends, families or lovers. We recommend donning some serious retro rollerskating gear (think tight lycra ppl!) and throwing yourself into the Rollerama atmosphere. It's contagious, we're telling you.

Skate Park

The Bunker Indoor Skate Park


This one is for the individuals lucky enough to master the four-wheel shuffle - and all the rest of us. The Bunker Indoor Skate Park is decked out with 'serious' to 'okay, I think I can do this' ramps and a tonne of graffiti for all you taggers out there. You can bring your BMX, scooter or skateboard and test them out on the various setups. Make a change from your local skating haunt and explore the newest indoor park to hit Melbourne. It's a treat.

Skipping/Jump Rope

Ropeburn Fitness

Various locations

The last time we jumped rope we were in Primary School competing in the severely competitive Jump Rope For Heart charity challenge. If you've been missing that ol' rope as much as us, then get excited because Ropeburn Fitness is bringing back our favourite jump rope workouts in high intensity exercise sessions. If you're not already in the know, skipping is ridiculously good for you. The Ropeburn Fitness team operates out of four different Gyms in Melbourne, to ensure that everyone can access the fabulous workout that's been left in our childhoods.


Groove at Anna’s Go-Go Academy

Carlton South & Brunswick

Learn how to shake it like a polaroid picture? Ummm, okay! Anna’s Go-Go Academy is a retro-hit parade that also provides a great cardio workout that’ll get you puffing and panting. Even if you have two left feet, the Go-Go Academy is a judgement-free zone, purely dedicated to busting out some serious moves a la’ Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Classes are $15 a pop – what a bargain – and you can choose between two venues; Bella Union Bar, Carlton South (Tuesday 6.30pm) and The Victoria Hotel, Brunswick (Thursday 6.30pm). No booking is required, head to the Go-Go Academy website for full details.

No Lights No Lycra

Various locations

There are no lights, as well as no moves, no bookings, no fuss…just a good old-fashioned dance party sans booze. It may be a newer theory to hit the workout world but we think it’s pretty fantastically amazing and there’s always a mix of musical beats from Fleetwood Mac, Busta Rhymes and Beyoncé. In our book that’s retro enough for us not to have to mention the chilled out vibe is the ultimate de-stressor for the muddled midweek mind. The best part is it’s only $7 for an hour of dancing, bargain central. There are tonnes of locations across Melbourne, click here to find the most convenient location for your jiggling booty.

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Photo credit: Frederica Portentoso

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