Melbourne’s Hopping Mad For This New Bunny Cafe

By Anna Carew Reid
22nd Sep 2015

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First it was the Cat Café, then it was Dogapalooza. So it was only a matter of time before someone decided to do something about the rabbit-shaped hole in Melbourne’s cultural landscape.

Bunny lovers are now invited to help crowd-fund Australia’s first ever rabbit café, where punters will be able to drop by and make friends with the residents from Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage.

And if you fall in love, you might even be able to take your bunny home with you, with plans to make the rabbits available for adoption.

Now scouting for a venue in Fitzroy, the café’s coffee menu options have been lovingly named after the pets of generous donors, such as the Flopsy cappuccino, the Ruffles hot chocolate and, for those feeling a little bit fancy, the Pancake green tea latte.

So what are you waiting for? Help make this furry dream a reality and donate now.

Image credit: Bunny Café

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