Memobottle’s Got A New Range And We’re All About It

By Ben Tyers
31st Jul 2017


If there’s one thing we love doing more than eating everything that Melbourne has to offer, it’s supporting local legends like memobottle.

If you’re not familiar with the memobottle story, basically the founders were astounded at the number of waste water bottles that we’ve been racking up and came up with a product to change all of that. Their bottles are a flat design which is ideal for fitting into your handbag, backpack or even your pocket.

Memobottles are sized according to standard paper sizes, with their classic range featuring an A6 and A5 size option along with different coloured lids you can buy to personalise your bottle. As of last week they’ve fired up a Kickstarter to help fund their new range which includes an A7 size—which could definitely be ideal to throw a dash of rum in when you’re heading to your next summer festival—as well as a slim bottle, leather pouches to fit all of their bottles, metallic lids, and some luxe AF copper desk stands for you to chuck your bottle in.

The team have already well and truly hit their funding target, but there are a heap of options left if you can throw some cash their way.

Support the memobottle H2.0 Kickstarter here.

The Single-Use Problem | by memobottle from memobottle on Vimeo.

Image credit: Supplied

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