Throw Up A Boot And Celebrate Meredith At Home Thanks To This Facebook Event

By Rick Stephens
2nd Sep 2020

Festival-goers at Meredith overlooking the sunset across several grassy paddocks.

Melbourne is missing out on a myriad of cultural affairs right now, but the news that really slaps is Meredith Music Festival taking a break for 2020. The silver lining, however, is that we’ll hopefully be able to recreate some sort of MMF experience with a few mates at home by the time December rolls around. 

One man advocating for the DIY iteration of the festival is Michael Colthurst (AKA DJ Post Percy), a regular on and off the stage at MMF. He likens it to “the world’s greatest work Christmas breakup”, and in a sort-of boot-salute to the festival itself, Percy has created a Facebook event encouraging Meredith regulars in the thousands to get involved. 

The event is called Paint a tree red and turn your backyard into a supernatural amphitheatre, which should give the weekend warrior in us all the perfect platform to jump down the rabbit hole. And as Percy explains, there are several ways to closer emulate Meredith at home.

“Drag your favourite couch onto your lawn or outdoor living area. For those who can’t get it outdoors, your couch will thank you. 

“Set up your backyard or living area as your favourite slice of the supernatural amphitheatre, fill up an esky. Hopefully, by December, you can invite a few friends over, then book your own headliners via Youtube or Spotify and take on the weekend that would have been.”

It doesn’t stop there, though. There are plenty of ingenious hacks to make Friday 11 December feel like the real thing. Sure, the mandatory glassy-eyed 2am stumble through South Pines might not be happening, but you can make yourself the MMF's official drink, the Pink Flamingo, right from your backyard. The recipe is as follows: 

“A reusable cup, pink grapefruit juice, lemonade, vodka and a little bit of dirt.”

Yep. That sounds about right.

Percy, being the reusable cup half full kind of guy he is, has managed to find a few positives in the festival’s hiatus, which can be universally applied to anyone asking for an invite to your MMF at home.

“[It’s nice] being able to lift the ‘no dickheads’ policy so my mate’s Dad can tag along."

Finally, Percy shares one piece of advice that should be taken very seriously across the entirety of your MMF weekend at home, and many more once we’re back in the amphitheatre.

“The boot salute is absolute, if your shoes are on your doing it wrong.”

Get your couches out and your shoes off on Friday 11 December to Sunday 13 December and share your future memories of MMF at home here.

Image credit: Meredith Music Festival

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