We’ve Found The Best Modern Vietnamese In Melbourne…. And It’s BYO!

By Sophie Colvin
20th Jul 2016

A coeliac, a vegan and a BYO fanatic walk into a bar try to go out for dinner… That’s not a funny joke, it’s virtually impossible.

Finding somewhere with genuinely delicious food that everyone can enjoy, that is also BYO can be an absolute mission…. Trust me, I tried to organise a BYO dinner for seven, 20-something girls recently and it made me really reconsider my life choices.

Never again will I be faced with such frustrating group messages, because…. Drum roll…. I recently discovered that misschu offers BYO.

Ticking so many boxes—vegan options, gluten-free goodies galore, low-carb dishes, good drinks, share menu, and BYO — I realised I’ve finally hit the holy grail of dinner venues, especially for groups.

misschu has opened a new venue in South Melbourne and conveniently, there’s a Dan Murphy right across the road… well, would you look at that! But don’t feel that you have to BYO booze, there’s plenty of excellent options to choose from, including frozen coconut crushies that we’re 100% hooked on.

There are big comfy booths (perfect for those group catch ups) and smaller tables available at the new South Melbourne misschu. No matter where you sit, it’s the perfect setting to order up big and it really is the sort of menu where you’ll want to try one of everything.

We recommend that you start at the top. The dishes are light, flavoursome and the perfect starters. The sashimi tuna rice paper rolls are my personal favourites, followed by duck pancakes. Can’t go past a good duck pancake!

Next up, dumpling time! All of misschu’s dumplings are steamed, so don’t hang back here. The barbecue pork char sui buns are my go-to’s, but the scallop and prawn dumplings and the veggie buns are also excellent.

My all-time favourite misschu dish is the ‘net’ spring rolls. Dished up with either a prawn and crab or vegetable filling, the outer is a perfectly crispy, golden net of fried deliciousness— the definition of ‘more-ish’.

On the salad front, the sauteed shitake, enoki and shimeji mushroom salad is totally to die for. Ticking the vegan box, it really is a dish that everyone can enjoy. In the evenings, there’s also a stunning lychee and pork belly salad that’s unlike any other salad I’ve tried. It’s finger lickin’ good and worth going back for. Who said you don’t win friends with salad?!

No Vietnamese joint would be complete without belly warming soup options. Misschu has two—a traditional beef pho and a 100% vegan option. It’s really a matter of whatever floats your boat, they’re both excellent.

Leave room for dessert (there are three perfect options ) but if you choose only one, make it the custard bun.

There’s a whole section of the misschu Melbourne menu that’s dedicated to low-carb options, with the vast majority of dishes also available as gluten free.

So grab your wolf pack, grab a bottle or two and make the most of Melbourne’s ultimate BYO venue.

Image credit: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List

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