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Check Out The Plans For A New 110km Walking And Cycling Trail Around The Mornington Peninsula

By Ben Tyers
22nd Jun 2020

A path leads to Port Phillip Bay in Portsea, Victoria. Part of a longer trail proposed for the region.

The Mornington Peninsula has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Mornington Peninsula council, close to 6,000 jobs have been lost in the region over the past few months with a 21% fall in gross regional product. It's been tough.

To help bring the area out of the current slump, the local council is lobbying for funding for a couple of key projects in the region. One being the 111km Mornington Peninsula bay trail.

Much of the trail already exists in bits and pieces around the Port Phillip Bay side, and the Westernport side of the peninsula, but many gaps need to be filled to make the trail complete.

A fully complete bay trail would take in amazing views of Port Phillip Bay, Westernport Bay, Cape Schanck, and would also pass through the Port of Hastings.

“It would be a big boost to our tourism economy,” he said. “We’ve got some great trails and hikes ... but we think this offers something unique and fits with the global market for those holidays that combine an epicurean, physical recreation and environmental experience.” Mornington Peninsula mayor, Sam Hearn told The Age.

Plans for the complete trail are a long way off, and no funding has been committed to as yet.

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Image credit: Visit Victoria | Rob Blackburn

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