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Meet The Hero Delivering Milk In Glass Bottles Every Morning Across Melbourne’s North

By Rick Stephens
25th Aug 2020

A glass bottle filled of milk sitting on a doorstep. A doormat sits in front with the words

They say the first things to go when robots take over will be our jobs, but in a sort-of final frontier act, people around the country are picking back up a humble—but necessary—trade of yesteryear, that of the milkman.

These delivery artisans are aplenty in Melbourne, with My Milkman being at the forefront of  supplying Melbourne with fresh milk in glass bottles, along with other grocery essentials. Sure, the convenience is great—as is the morning wink your milkman gives you through the fly-wire—but as it turns out, using a milkman is great way to shop more consciously, and more sustainably.

“We have a big focus on sustainability. Our packaging such as milk bottles, coffee tins and our thermally insulated boxes are all collected, cleaned and reused. We don't use any single-use plastics and our milk is organically produced.” said My Milkman’s head milkman, Corey Greenham.

The milk from My Milkman comes courtesy of Barambah Organics, a 100% Aussie dairy producer. Should you require other fridge and pantry essentials, milkmen like Corey can hook it up with local goods from Dench’s Bakery, Josh’s ethical eggs from Macedon and honey from Victoria’s Hilltop Hives. 

Corey best describes it as “like having access to your own little farmers market.” so you can give yourself a pat on the back knowing you’re supporting the little guys, with most producing within Victoria.

Corey’s passion for the job comes partly from My Milkman’s ethos, but there are plenty of other reasons he’s up at 4:30am delivering the good stuff across the city. 

“It has been a great way to start the day, and having access to great milk, bread, butter, coffee and eggs has really improved breakfast.

“We do all our deliveries quite early in the morning and it’s quite relaxing being out without all the traffic and commotion, especially with everything going on at the moment.”

However, it’s not all fun and games for these unsung heroes, and any customers who may be toying with the idea of joining the ranks with Corey should consider both the peaks and troughs that come with being a milkman. 

“Waking up at 4 to 4:30am for someone who’s not a morning person was a challenge at first. There’s also been a few spills that have left me covered in milk, but they do say don’t cry over spilt milk.”

“I’ve also had a few early morning possum scares,” said Greenham.

So, when your milkman next arrives, give them a virtual fist bump, a hi-five through the window or a smile at the front door as they venture back into the dark of dawn, doing the work that needs to be done. 

My Milkman is delivering daily across Melbourne’s inner north. Book in a Corey of your own here

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