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What to Expect from Mr. Miyagi’s Mistress

By Pip Jarvis
31st Aug 2015

You might have noticed we’re massive fans of sexy Chapel Street Japanese joint, Mr. Miyagi. Heck, we bang on about the nori taco to anyone that’ll listen. So we’re just a little excited to hear about their plans for expansion, with a new, as-yet unnamed adjoining bar set to throw open its doors this spring. 

They’ve knocked down a wall and are currently tarting up a two-storey former warehouse space—for now, tantalisingly dubbed Mr. M’s mistress—with the help of Profile and others. All we know is that she’s set to be a saucy bird, keeping up to 110 punters fed and watered before they land a table at the ever-heaving main event.

We took two with Mr. Miyagi’s co-owners Kristian Klein & Andy Restein to find out more. They were pretty cagey, but here’s a taste of what’s in store. 

Mr. Miyagi is expanding… Why did you feel the need to open the bar?

We needed more seats; our current venue is full and we find ourselves having to send people away. We have turned from a restaurant into a night out, but with our current setup we are unable to accommodate people like we want to. 

We want people to be at Mr. Miyagi for the night, enjoying our drinks and food. To be able to sit and have a drink whilst their table is being readied. Nobody likes being kicked onto the street whilst waiting for a table. This is the sensible way to progress and make the experience even better for our customers.

Any hints on the name? 

Mr. M doesn’t cook and tell!

Is the bar just meant for the overflow, or is it designed to be a destination in itself?

This will certainly be a destination in itself that happens to be a part of Mr. Miyagi. It’s a place where you will start your dining experience with us. It’s where Mr. M’s mistress will tell you some of Mr. M’s secrets, she will get you warmed up for what’s to come later from the man himself.

Any clues about what the new space will look like?

Right now, everything is under lock and key. You already know too much!

Will the dishes served be the same as Mr. M’s? 

There will be a different menu with snack style food. We have some amazing eats being developed at the moment. Things that will come off a 700 degrees celsius grill. You’ll just have to trust us that it’s going to be great!

Tell us about the drinks menu?

The drinks menu will be expanding, with a big focus on cocktails and wine. Think pink and fluffy, and food flavours in cocktail form. 

Any plans afoot for a second Mr. M? 

Stay tuned...Watch this space.

Mr. Miyagi’s new bar is set to open in time for Spring Racing season. Stay tuned for more details!

Image credit: Mr Miyagi via Facebook

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