Saddle Up, Melbourne Is Getting 40kms Of Bike Lanes Throughout The CBD

By Rick Stephens
17th Jun 2020

A man riding a bicycle through the intersection of Swanston Street and Flinders Street in Melbourne.

The City of Melbourne has announced over 40 kilometres of cycling lanes after the rise in bicycle sales and use during the pandemic.

To make space, a large portion of car-parks will be removed from Melbourne’s CBD. The announcement comes after several predictions in commuting trends that look toward how residents will be travelling to and from work in the coming months and years.

The spike in cyclists has seen some routes being used over 300% more than usual, and it’s suggested that this will continue as people consider alternate transport methods in the wake of COVID-19.

Melbourne and surrounds have already seen some councils introduce safer cycling lanes along the likes of Collingwood’s Wellington Street, and riders can expect similar, cycling-first infrastructure introduced throughout the CBD under the new plans.

The City of Melbourne has taken cues from various European cities, like Paris and London, who have successfully encouraged more people to ride through safer bike lanes. 

All 40 kilometres are expected to be completed within the next two years, with the first stage being fast-tracked for completion by the end of 2020 or early 2021. Stage one includes the following routes:

  • Exhibition Street stage one (Flinders Street to Bourke Street)
  • Rathdowne Street (Victoria Street to Faraday Street)
  • William Street (Dudley Street to Flinders Street)
  • Abbotsford Street (Flemington Road to Queensberry Street)
  • Swanston Street (around the University of Melbourne from Grattan Street to Cemetery Road)

Don't forget your helmet.

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Image credit: Mitchell Luo

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