6 Reasons You’ll Never Drive Or Tram Again

By Clare Acheson
13th Jan 2016

There’s no better reason to shake up your routine than the beginning of a new year. It’s the perfect time to set yourself some new goals - whether that’s ditching the distractions and making better use of your time, factoring fitness into your weekly routine, or simply trying something new.

The hottest new year’s resolution on our radar is one that will make you fitter, faster, and leave you feeling freer on a daily basis - as well as giving you a new perspective on our beautiful city. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Some new-age religion? An iWatch that zaps you every time you sit down? The latest smart-drug? In fact, our hot tip for 2016 is one simple habit that’s far less insane than any of these options: Riding a bike.

Jumping on a bike is one of the best ways to shift those Christmas pounds, save some cash, get from A to B on time, and to discover some amazing Melbourne secrets. Recently, we’ve been riding around the city on Reid Cycles’ latest Women’s Urban X1 commuting bike and not only are we in love with the bike itself (seriously, that matte black paint job is the most Melbourne thing ever), we also can’t believe how much better we feel—and look—after two weeks on two wheels.

Keen to give riding a go yourself? Here are our top 6 reasons why cycling is the best new year’s resolution you’ll make in 2016.

#1: Cycling Makes You Fitter And Happier

If you have been struggling to make it to that early morning gym session, or you feel that your weekly yoga class isn’t giving you the cardio workout you really need, jumping on a bicycle is a fantastic way to get from A to B, AND work out while doing it. Regular exercise also releases endorphins, AKA happy chemicals, into our brains. Whether you’re commuting, cycling to brunch, or taking a tip to your local market, by choosing a bike over a tram, train or car, you’re automatically helping to tone your legs and butt, improving your general fitness levels, and making yourself happier and less stressed from that first pedal. Elle Woods knows what we’re talking about.

#2: 9 Times Out Of 10, You’ll Have A Faster Commute

Remember how annoying it was the last time you got stuck in traffic on Punt Road? Or when you missed that deal-clinching early morning meeting because your train got delayed? By cycling, you’re much less likely to get stuck in gridlock or caught without a parking spot - and as long as you look after your bike, breakdowns are a far more rare occurrence, saving you heaps of time each week.

#3: Bikes Give You A New Perspective On Melbourne

Cycling is a fantastic way to experience Melbourne’s architecture, people, and hidden gems. You’re closer to the street-side action when you’re on two wheels, and if you pass a cute café you have never noticed before, you can easily jump off your bike to take a closer look.

As for our top tip for getting the most out of cycling in Melbourne? If you cycle the same route regularly, take a new route every so often and discover a street you have never been down before. We can guarantee you will find some epic street art, tiny shops and cafes, or even you new favourite cocktail bar. 

#4: The Environment Will Love You

Listers, it’s no secret that our Earth is struggling. You can do your bit to cut down on emissions by ditching the car and jumping on a bike whenever you can, especially when you are planning to make a trip that’s usually riddled with traffic jams. Do you know how bad all those fumes are for our beautiful planet?!

#5: You’ll Save Enough Cash To Treat Yourself To Whatever You Want!

Whether you’re saving for your next holiday, would rather spend your cash on gig tickets, or love splashing out on brunch, cycling is a sure-fire way to save money. You won’t be spending on public transport, fuel, parking, tolls or fines if you’re on two wheels, giving you extra cash to channel into whatever you want.

#6: Cycling Is An Awesome Thing To Do With Friends

If you’re feeling fatigued after all the eating and drinking over the festive period, cycling makes for a fantastic way to catch up with friends, without automatically hitting the burgers or beers. Make the most of these summer evenings and weekends by catching up with mates for a cycle around one of Melbourne’s beautiful bike trails, and try chatting over a clean juice instead of a chardonnay.

Looking for the perfect bike to get you started on our new year’s resolution? Check out Reid Cycles’ Women’s specific Urban X1, priced at just $449 including free servicing for 12 months and Australia’s best bike warranty. 

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Image credit: Gareth Sobey for The Urban List

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