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Now You Can Watch Cinema In A Cemetery, If That’s Your Thing

By Bianca O'Neill
14th Dec 2015

cemetery cinema

Would you go and watch a film by moonlight in a cemetery? What about a jazz session - or a cooking demonstration? Well, these are just the kind of weird and wonderful experiences that Springvale Botanical Cemetery are offering Melburnians this summer.

In an attempt to demystify the modern cemetery experience, the people over at Springvale have started to hold less conventional events at their grounds - and to reconnect with the tradition of cemetery-going that people used to enjoy at the turn of the century.

But for the fainter of heart, don't worry - there won't be any slasher films set for screening at the moonlight cinema, slated for early 2016. Instead, Trust chief executive Jane Grover explains that they are moving toward a more high-end feel, with old classics like Singing in the Rain and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

It all speaks of a bucket-list style experience - rather than a creepy one. After all, LA has been doing cinema in Hollywood Cemetery for years. Although... maybe bring some garlic, just in case?

Springvale Botanical Cemetery will announce its full cinema program early in 2016. For other events like jazz and cooking demonstrations, check out their website.

Photo credit: Jonathan Michael Peel, Flickr.com

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