OMG We Just Found A Phone Cover That Will Make You A Cup Of Coffee

By Anna Franklyn
24th Nov 2017

Guys shut the front door! Just when you thought you could never be more reliant on your smartphone, someone goes an invents a phone cover that will brew you a cup of coffee. No, we're not joking.

The Mokase was invented by a couple of Italian legends (not surprising) and it's very easy on the eyes for something that will make you a cup of joe on the move. All you do is pop the cover on, slip in the Mokaromi (this clever little device holds the coffee beans and will keep them fresh for up to three months!) and then turn it on USING AN APP. Yep, we're living in the future kids!

And no, this one isn't reserved for the elitist iPhone users, the team are creating the cases for iPhones (iPhone 6 and 7 pluses—soz if you already bought the new one), Samsungs, LGs and HUAWEIs (whatever those are).

The cover will set you back 50 euros (about 78 Aussie dollars) and the Mokaromi start at nine euros for 15 and go up to 25 euros for 50, and as far as we can tell, shipping is FREE— so it's basically an investment. 

If that didn't blow your mind, maybe this indoor plant app will.

Image credit: Mokase

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