On Yer Bike! Where To Buy New Wheels In Melbourne

By Hannah Valmadre
25th Sep 2015

Best bike shops Melbourne

Spring is off to an excellent start here in Melbourne, with a slew of sunny days reinvigorating our cold bones after the frostiest winter in decades. With this newfound energy and desire to spend as much time as possible outdoors, we think now is the perfect time to purchase a bicycle. A bike is one of Melbourne’s most-favoured forms of transport as it keeps you fit, clears your head before and after a busy day at work, and to put it simply, riding a bike is undeniably fun. So if you haven’t got some wheels hiding in a back shed/garage somewhere, we have compiled a list of where you can purchase you new sweet ride and all the goodies that go with it.

Velo Cycles

Carlton North

Located on the Capital City Trail on Nicholson Street, Velo Cycles is a great place to drop in whether you’re purchasing a bike, looking for some accessories to go with it, or if you’re in need of a repair. They sell and fix a range of bikes, including road, touring, flat bar, hybrid, vintage, cyclocross and fixies. The staff know their stuff backwards, and are very helpful and patient when explaining ways to take care of your noble steed. If you already have a bike and it needs some TLC, they offer same-day servicing if you book it in, and will even give you a courtesy bike if you need one in the meantime. 

Reid Cycles

Windsor, North Melbourne

Reid caters to a multitude of budgets, purposes and preferred styles, making everything from cruisers, to road bikes, to mountain bikes, and even electronic varieties. Their Ladies Vintage Bikes are positively EVERYWHERE in Melbourne. You know the ones: with the step-through frames, wicker basket on the front, matching tan handlebars and seats, and they come in an array of cute colours. For those searching for a bike on a bit of a budget, keep an eye on their website and Facebook page for sales and giveaways, as they happen pretty regularly.



As the name may suggest, Tokyobike was not founded in Melbourne, but in the quiet suburb of Yanaka in Tokyo. The small, independent bicycle company designed bikes for the streets of Japan’s capital, and the results are bikes that are light to ride and focus on comfort rather than speed. If you like to take in the sights of the city while peddling leisurely along the designated bike path, then these could be the bikes for you. Visit their showroom set up in Collingwood, pick up some accessories to go with your new wheels, and if you have any issues, their in-house mechanic can sort it out for you.



This Australian-owned bicycle company, run by a brother and sister duo, makes high-quality, contemporary, Dutch-style bikes for the Melburnian on the go. Each model is customised to suit your personal style, from the colour of the frame to adding little extras such as lights and baskets. Papillionaire bikes are built to last; in fact, their frames are made from high quality Chromoly (CRMO) Steel and come with a frame lifetime guarantee. Other than gaining some hot wheels, you’ll also get a free three-month service, and their friendly mechanics are available six days a week. If you want to bring classic European design to the streets of Melbourne, look no further.

Saint Cloud


Once you’ve nabbed a bike and you’re looking to grab all the bells and whistles to go with it, get down to Saint Cloud on Gertrude Street. This place is perfect for those keen to dive into Melbourne’s bike-riding community. Bringing together fashion and bicycle culture, founder Nick Mahoney set out to create a space where his customers would have a say in the stores direction. Saint Cloud supports and endorses specialised bicycle products and fashion sourced from both here and overseas; from Cardiff saddles and grips to repping their own line of apparel.

Jetnikoff Bicycle Co.


Established in 2013, JBC may still be a spring chicken, but a novice it certainly is not. Owner William Jetnikoff has plenty of experience dealing with different kinds of bikes, from mountain biking and cross racing, to couriering and playing bike polo (yes, it’s a thing, who knew?!). Jetnikoff only stocks bikes and bike products he has tried and tested for himself, and if that’s not a guarantee, we don’t know what is. Admittedly the bikes here are in the more expensive price range, however if you take riding seriously, their range of Focus bikes could be just what you’re looking for. 

Pony Bikes

West Melbourne

Located in West Melbourne, Pony Bikes is a bicycle workshop and retail space run by Sasha Strickland, who has 15 years of experience in the cycling industry. Sasha tailors her bikes to her clients’ needs, ensuring that your new ride will suit your exacting specifications. They also support quality Australian and international bike products such as BO Gear, KNOG, and Abus Locks. For those looking to pick up some new mechanic skills, Pony runs maintenance workshop classes that range from beginner groups to one-on-one. 

Bike Gallery

Hawthorn East

The winning combination of cycling and coffee couldn’t be more Melbourne if it tried. If you want your fix of both, head to Hawthorn East’s Bike Gallery. Serving Axil Roasters coffee, the bikes here come strongly recommended from their own experience, and the brands they favour include Cervelo, S-Works, Pinarello and Focus. Bike accessories and apparel are also available from their store, and if you’re looking to support local designers, we would suggest purchasing some MAAP goodies. On a side note, their Instagram is packed with photos of gorgeous rides their staff have been on lately, which is a good indicator that these legends live and breathe their craft.

Ceres BikeShed

Brunswick East

This one is for the DIY bandits who enjoy learning new skills, make something from scratch, and who like to get dirty. This is not a bike shop per se, but you are welcome to purchase one of their recycled bikes and do it up to your liking in their workshop shed. The BikeShed is entirely run by volunteers who will teach you how to fix your bike. To be clear, they will not be fixing your bike for you, as the aim is to equip you with the skills of bicycle maintenance. So if you’re up for a fun challenge, come wearing closed-toe shoes, clothes you’re not afraid to get dirty in, and leave your tools at home because they’ve got you covered on that front.

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