This Melbourne Business Has Reinvented The Keyring

By Ben Tyers
18th Nov 2017


Not to sound like an infomercial during the Today Show, but have you ever thought there’s probably a better way to make a keyring so that we don’t have to tear our fingernails apart while changing keys?

Well, we’re in luck here. Orbitkey needs no introduction, they’ve been keeping your keys organised for quite a while now with the original Orbitkey, but now they’re back with a new range of products—and you can back it on Kickstarter.

The new range from Orbitkey includes a reimaging of the humble keyring, a clip, and a strap.

The Orbitkey ring basically gets rid of all of the pain points with the extremely old and well-used keyring. This reimagining of it makes it so much easier to replace keys, simply by pinching the inner ring and rotating it.

The clip is a classic carabiner design with a big gate so there’ll be no trouble fitting on everything you need.

And finally comes the strap, a strong leather strap with an easy release clasp so you can attach any keyring you want with a flick.

You can find their current Kickstarter campaign here, they’ve already raised more than $100K, which is well above their $35K target, but you can still get involved!

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Image credit: Orbitkey

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