Parents Versus Technology

By Sophie Colvin
28th Sep 2015

Parents are great for some things, and not so great for others. Sometimes their technology struggles are beyond frustrating, sometimes they’re LOL-worthy (that’s Laugh Out Loud, not Lots of Love, Mum). Usually it’s best to just roll with it, but there’s no doubt that this guy nailed it when he taught his 87-year-old father how to use the internet and told him that Twitter was Google and he could use it to search.

This is our list of epic, but everyday Parent versus Technology struggles.

  1. Parents saying that they wish to join ‘The Face Book’.
  2. Parents creating joint Facebook accounts – Julieanddavid Smith.
  3. Parents calling to say ‘I’ve invited you to my Face Book’.
  4. Parents liking and commenting on every photo of you, right back to 2007.
  5. Parents commenting on photos of you with other people, asking who the other people are.
  6. Parents commenting on your Facebook statuses.
  7. Parents commenting on your friends’ Facebook statuses.
  8. Parents writing overly meaningful birthday messages to your friends – Blessings to you Sophie, on your 25th birthday. May the year be prosperous and we hope to see you soon. Lots of love, Julie and David.
  9. Parents signing off Facebook comments with their names.
  10. Parents writing private messages in status comments.
  11. Parents embracing Facebook games and ‘sharing’ the results.
  12. Parents signing off text messages bearing bad news with LOL (because they think it means lots of love).
  13. Parents signing off text messages with Mum / Dad.
  14. Parents writing texts ALL IN CAPS.
  15. Parents writing text messages with no vowels, because that’s how ‘the young’ do it.
  16. Parents writing texts with no punctuation.
  17. Parents being a little too familiar with emojis.
  18. Parents writing no texts at all.
  19. Parents having very loud ringtones.
  20. Parents wanting to send money to a Nigerian prince.
  21. Parents not trusting internet banking.
  22. Parents still writing cheques.
  23. Parents recording the wrong TV program.
  24. Parents recording every TV program.
  25. Parents recording no TV programs.
  26. Parents not knowing how to tune the car radio.
  27. Parent getting really angry when you re-tune the car radio.
  28. Parents emailing you and ALWAYS putting ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ as the subject line.
  29. Parents printing out emails.
  30. Parents emailing your partner with mundane details of their life.
  31. Parents not understanding that it’s weird for them to email your partner with mundane details of their life.
  32. Parents being way too excited about WhatsApp.
  33. Parents oversharing on WhatsApp.

Got some doozies to add to the list? Drop me a line 

Image credit: Funny Junk

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