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Pig Out at the Melbourne Salami Festa

By Megan Osborne
3rd Oct 2014

Don't hide the salami, Listers! Instead, pig out this spring with the Melbourne Salami Festa. Held on Sunday 26th of October at the Northcote Town Hall, the Melbourne Salami Festa is about celebrating the pig and all its parts, inspired by Italian tradition.

Back in the day, where traditionally one pig could feed an entire Italian family for months (cold ones at that), every part of the animal would be used. During the winter months, there would be an annual celebration involving music, dance, wine, and a plethora of scrumptious cold cuts. That's exactly what the Melbourne Salami Festa is bringing to life, with an added competition of course – to find the best salami in Melbourne!

This is a chance for all you salami aficionados to roll up your sleeves and go head to head with some of the best chefs, families and salami connoisseurs around. Entries close on the 5th of October, so hustle up! A panel of expert judges will be the decision makers, and when we say expert we mean expertly awesome! Judges include Dom Marzano (Head Chef of Grossi Florentino Cellar Bar) and spicy Spaniard Frank Camorra (MoVida) to name a few! If you're more of a chewer and less of a cooker, you won't be neglected. There's a people's choice award also, so plenty of opportunity for some cold cut chomping and amateur appreciation at Melbourne Salami Festa.

It's not all about winning (or losing) though, the Melbourne Salami Festa is part of the Slow Food Movement, and aims to celebrate bringing all backgrounds together to slow down, and enjoy the tastes and sensations of the Festa. The program includes live music, salami making demonstrations and plenty of home-made Italian cooking. Salami Festa is all about the belief that when people come together they share things. Things like knowledge, experience and stories (and delicious salami). What a great way to get involved with the community, learn a bit about your neighbours, and enjoy some tasty treats while you're at it!

If you're worried about getting fed up of salami while you're there (inconceivable!), some of Melbourne's best restaurants will also be making pop-up appearances. From 10am to 6pm, this will be a wonderful day filled with food, friends, family and fun.

So head on down to Northcote Town Hall, and enjoy learning some family secrets, tasting the competition's salty, spicy or simply awesome salami, and support the Slow Food Movement at the inaugural Melbourne Salami Festa.

Melbourne Salami Festa | Sunday 26th October, 10am – 6pm
Northcote Town Hall in Northcote

$10 for General Admission (Under 12's free)

Main image credit: Wrightfood.

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