Pilates vs Yoga vs Barre: Which One’s For You?

By Iro Kotsimbos
5th Dec 2014

If you’ve been listening to our regular rambling on fitness of late, you’ll know that we’re pretty much addicted to pilates. A high intensity, body-toning, core focused workout that delivers results (not to mentions buns of steel!)? Umm, yes please!

But then there’s yoga, which we’re fans of for its ability to make your body supple and flexible, whilst calming the mind. Oh and don’t get us started on how much we love barre, a ballet inspired form of fitness that helps you burn fat fast, sculpt and tone your body, and build muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

So, how on earth do you decide? When it comes to pilates vs yoga vs barre, which one’s for you?

To answer this question, we headed straight to the team at KX, the Melbourne fitness group behind KX Pilates, KX Yoga and KX Barre. With 13 studios across town, kick ass teachers to help you reach your workout goals, and a variety of classes from beginner to advanced, it’s no wonder why KX are considered to be one of the best fitness studios in Melbourne! One thing’s for sure – these guys know their stuff!

If you’re trying to work out (hey hey, see what we did there?) which class to book then you’re in luck, cos we’ve got the inside scoop from the team at KX themselves. Keep reading Listers to find out which one’s for you!  

(Hot tip: You’d be a fool to pass up the introductory offers at KX – 5 classes for $50 at KX Pilates and KX Barre, and $25 for 10 consecutive days of classes at KX Yoga! Seriously, too good to say no to!) 


1.    Have a think about what your overall fitness goals are. Do you want to improve your cardiovascular endurance, overall body tone, flexibility, core strength, posture or something else altogether? 
2.    Consistency is key with exercise. An important question to ask is how often will you be able to get to the class to see the benefits?
3.    Do you want to challenge your body with something new or revisit a style of workout you have tried before? Some people respond better when they mix up their exercise; other like to stick to a tried ‘n’ true fave.
4.    It’s important to have balance in your workouts – for example, mix cardio with a class that focuses on stretching and lengthening the muscles to avoid any tightness. Keep this in mind when choosing a class! 


1.    You’re looking for overall muscle strength and definition without creating bulk. 
2.    You’re wanting to strengthen muscles post injury.
3.    You’re after a full body workout in every session – pilates helps to keep your body in constant balance!
4.    You’re keen to focus on deep core muscle activation in order to support a healthy back and good posture!


1.    You want to increase strength and flexibility.
2.    You’re looking for a gentler form of exercise – yoga helps to work out the body without pushing you too hard! 
3.    You’re after something with musculoskeletal benefits in order to reduce joint tension and stiffness, decrease back pain and improve posture.
4.    You’re wanting to increase your cardiovascular fitness and circulation – regular yoga practice is proven to normalise blood pressure.
5.    You’re looking to relaaaaax while exercising – the focus on mind and breath helps to soothe the nervous system.


1.    You’re striving for a long lean physique – helloooo Victoria’s Secret model!
2.    You want to improve your cardio fitness – there’s minimal rest between barre exercises, which challenges your stamina and endurance without feeling like you've just ran 10k!
3.    You’ve done ballet classes in the past but want a non-tutu form of exercise – barre is the perfect mix of ballet exercises with pilates and functional fitness moves.
4.    You’re looking to improve your posture, develop overall greater alignment and core control.
5.    You’re after a class that’ll challenge you, forcing you to use those long-forgotten muscles!

Keen to dip your toe into the fitness pond, Listers? Head to the KX Pilates, KX Barre or KX Yoga websites to book online now!


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