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Best Places To Pick Up In Melbourne

By Hannah Valmadre
18th Dec 2015

places to pick up in melbourne

Regardless of the temperature outside, we know that Melbourne’s single squad are in full flight. Question is, where do you go to secure some weekend romance? Dress to impress and get off your tinder, folks, it’s go time.

If you're not sure where mingle with other singles IRL, we’ve got a few trusty hotspots that are sure to help you out. Oh, those Melbourne nights.

Captain Baxter

St Kilda

Beach views of St Kilda and cocktail jugs to share are the order of business oat Captain Baxter. Sunset may be the most romantic time to strike up a convo, so the elements are certainly in your favour on this front. Neighbouring bar Republica is also an excellent option for those who like to get their flirt on by the seaside, so don’t be afraid to jump around.

The Vineyard

St Kilda

Definitely a social spot for the St Kilda crew, The Vineyard is pretty busy most nights. A Sunday session is generally recommended for those on the prowl, or catch a live band on a Thursday and meet a beautiful stranger in the music-lovers crowd.

Carlton Club


Calling all party animals, this one is for you. Many a debaucherous evening has been had at the Carlton Club, and we don’t know if it’s all the funky stuffed animals that get people going, but it has been known to get a bit wild. Speaking of the animals, they’re quite the conversation starter.

Ms Collins


If you’re looking for love (or something similar) in ‘da club’, then you’re best bet is Ms Collins. Friday nights seem to be the party night of choice, but they’re always throwing events for everything from Christmas to New Years. Think sexy, getting down and dirty to some RnB.

The Emerald Peacock


A large venue is generally favourable when scoping out a potential love interest, and the rooftop here is a highly favourable place to perch yourself. Recommended for the ‘over 25s market’ this could be a good spot to avoid any juvenile delinquents—but then again, age is just a number for some.

The Toff In Town


The Toff is brilliantly split into two rooms, the ‘carriage room’ with private booths, and the stage room which has it’s own sexy cabaret feel to it. The stage room does get a little clubbier as the night progresses, so be prepared to bust out a move or two. Yes, the doors of the carriage booths can be closed for a bit of privacy, but let it be known that if you try any funny business you’ll be out of there quick sticks.

Naked In The Sky


It can be pretty difficult to nab a seat at Naked In The Sky a sunny afternoon, making the space a little cosy—so sharing a table with strangers might not only be essential, it could also work out well for you. Plus if things aren’t going well (but of course they will be) you can just say you want to check out another angle of the city, then smoke bomb outta there.



This new kid on the block is our hot tip for a new place to meet someone. Glamorama are pouring drinks and pumping the music until 3am (and 5am on the weekend), with tucked away booths to ditch the hustle and bustle. Plus if you want some late night snackage, but aren’t quite ready to eat a souva in front of your new acquaintance, the kitchen is open until 11pm so you can share some delicious bar snacks.

Yah Yahs


4am dance parties on Smith St are what Yah Yahs specialise in, so if you’re not quite ready to head home from wherever you’ve been, maybe drop by for a drink or two. Ain’t no shame in anyone’s game here, so throw away those inhibitions and get amongst.

Mr Wows Emporium


There are many things we love about this Smith St gem, but when it comes to meeting new people, Mr Wows Emporium have the ultimate ice-breakers in play. Cue all of the activities, ever. Whether you want a round of indoor bocce, ping-pong, or pool, invite that cutie you’ve been eyeing off to play you next round. Now you got game.



Chances are if you manage to meet someone at Howler they’re going to be some pretty cool cats who have most likely dropped by to see a band and grab a feed. Strike up a convo at the bar, in the crowd, or to the table next to you, just be chill.

The Emerson

South Yarra

The best thing about The Emerson is that it’s got something for everyone, whatever your personal bar preference may be. Whether you’re most comfortable in the club, cocktail lounge, or rooftop, settle into you happy place and work your magic amongst the revelers.

Annnddd if your pick up goes particularly'll want to take a peek at the 10 Great Melbourne Bars for First Dates!

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