How To Go Plastic Free This July

By Emma Maidment
16th Jul 2018


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re likely aware that we are slowly destroying our planet, one piece of plastic at a time. Yep, I’m talking to you, guy reading this sipping from a takeaway coffee cup! We know it, but what are we doing about it?

Right now we’re in the midst of plastic free July, an awareness-raising campaign here to make you feel really guilty about all the plastic you’re consuming and hopefully empower you to make some changes.

In celebration of the month-long campaign Aussie legends Kappi has come to the table with a sustainable solution for your straw habit, The Short Straw.

Did you know, busy cafes can sell over 1100 juices/smoothies/cold drinks per week? That’s 55,000 plastic straws per venue entering landfill every. Single. Year. Yep, who would have thought your newfound smoothie habit was bad for the planet.

So for the whole of July, Kappi are running The Short Straw Campaign with an aim to remove millions of single-use plastic straws from cafes and venues around Australia. So, what’s the deal? They are giving 100 reusable gold stainless steel straws for FREE. Any cafe that signs up to the campaign will receive 100 straws to be used in the cafe, plus 40 straws to be sold at point of sale. 100% of the proceeds from the retail straws sales will fund the purchase of straws for two more future participating cafes. Pay it forward much?

Local loves Serotonin Eatery are already on board. Founder and visionary Emily Hazell says, “As a plant-based cafe we look after the animals but now we can also teach people how to look after the earth, joining The Short Straw campaign adds another layer to that and is great for raising awareness”. 

So far there’s a bunch of great cafes around Australia on board, Serotonin Dealer (Melbourne), Duck Duck Bruce (Fremantle, Perth), Kent Street Deli (Perth), Agatha’s Cafe (South Australia), Mylk + Ko (Queensland), Healesville Hotel (VIC) have all joined the straw party, but there’s more work to do. So, what can you do to help? Save the planet by telling your local cafe, smoothie joint or juice bar to get onto Kappi and join the movement! We’ll be sipping our way to a healthy planet through designer straws in no time.

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Image credit: Brooke Lark

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